We invite readers to share thoughts, anecdotes, views or stories on a particular subject. Last week we asked: What would you do on a flight without your laptop? Here are your replies.

Considering the fact that I never utilize my laptop on an airplane, this question is fairly easy to answer. Everyone’s heard the quote that the journey is more important than the destination; when the topic of air travel comes to hand, I find it especially true. Whether it be flying to the States, London, or even Switzerland, I always find the flying part most exhilarating. I mentally make a checklist of what I want to do during the duration of my flight and it usually consists of reading. I always have a book packed, it’s my best friend mostly. As well as (if there is a mini TV provided) binge-watching the latest movies, and of course my favourite – jamming to my favourite songs stocked in my phone. Plugging in my earphones, and blasting my music as high as possible – no one can even complain, since the droning of the plane covers up the volume of my music; it’s my most preferred and much-loved thing to do in a plane.

– Mahika Sethi

I would strike up a conversation with the people sitting around me, as people nowadays lean towards interacting through gadgets rather than verbally. I would also use this free time to read up and be updated on the various happenings around the world.

– Sarah Ronad

If I am travelling I prefer to keep my laptop in my baggage so that I can spend some quality time with my children. Nowadays we are so addicted to computers that we don’t even realize that we are neglecting our family. So when travelling we should make it a point to be friendly with family and not gadgets.

– Seema Ismail

Both me and my husband are very fond of travelling and our kids, even more than us. Whether I use my laptop or not usually depends on the duration of the flight and how long we spend at the airport but I am never without it and not having a laptop at all, that would be something hard to imagine! So if I had to board a flight without it, there would be a couple of things that I would do otherwise. Beginning with my husband – I can spend hours with him, talking about even the smallest things. Or if not that, then watching one of the great movies that they have to offer in the in-flight entertainment or catch up on a show that I might have missed. Another thing would be browsing through one of the many newspapers or magazines available, nothing better than a good article to pass your time. Maybe not having my laptop with me wouldn’t be so bad after all!

– Sadia Mohsin

I would write a poem on my love towards my husband and dedicate it to him. I have done it once before!

– Lakshmi Anuradha

As a 15 year old, I usually use my laptop only for entertainment purposes. Without my laptop, I would indulge in a good old novel, because I love reading and I find that I don’t have the time to do so often. I think it is a good opportunity for others to enjoy word searches, crosswords and other ‘old-school’ forms of entertainment as well. If none of those occupy me, there is no harm in getting a little bit of sleep!

– Anishka Ravi

[Last month] both the US and the UK announced similar measures banning laptops and other large electronic devices. This is an absolute disaster, how can you pass time without your precious technology? Lucky me, I can pass time by playing chess or even cards with my younger brother. Without electronics I could do so much better, like interacting with the passenger sitting next to me or even reading a book.

– Aamenah Batul

I would catch up on my missed episodes of The Big Bang Theory using the in-flight entertainment system. One of my favourite shows that I enjoy watching leisurely when I am travelling, I find planes the most relaxing time to see T-B-B-T. It also helps to pass time during long journeys.

– Mitali Mohan

Being without electronic gadgets for a mere minute is like being without it for centuries. My laptop has become a consequential part of my life. If I were on a plane without my laptop, I would use that time to do something that is productive and worthwhile. I would read my all-time favourite magazine Friday in the midst of the billowy clouds. Besides that, I would also gaze at the picturesque maze of fluffy clouds and admire the incomparable creation of God.

– Husniya Meera

Plenty! Books make great flight companions whether in the ‘book-book’ form or in kindle/iBook form. I have several books stored in my iPhone, which makes me eagerly look forward to any waiting period. Being in Dubai, I have also got pampered by the extensive in-flight entertainment provided, which at times makes the flight duration seem too short. I for sure am not going to miss my laptop.

– Jaya Mahalingam

Technology is an important thing in my life but without it would be good. As a student I need my laptop for music, videos and most importantly for my school purposes. In this case I would not panic, I would take a storybook and read or take an MP3 player and listen to music. If I had to go to on a journey on plane and that too on Friday then I would take my Friday magazine as it saves me from boredom.

– Akhila Sunesh

We have a laptop that is 10 years old now. It is better to travel without it. Because if I were to type a letter or watch a movie on it when I am on a plane, by the time it starts up, I will reach my destination.

– Vanessa

I would enjoy every moment in the sky with ‘e-detox’. I would Scribble in my diary about my thoughts, plans and ideas. Maybe write an article and of course enjoy the food and catch up on sleep. The entertainment on board goes without saying to watch some flicks and comedy shows. Also will catch up with the person on next seat.

– Vaibhav Modi

If I am travelling alone, then I would use the opportunity to make new friend(s) with my co-passengers or sit back and relax with nice soothing music that is always stored in my mobile. If I am travelling with my family, then I use this opportunity to spend quality time with them, catching up with all the recent happenings, watching a nice movie together, and take a nap! I normally do not use a laptop on a plane.

– Shankar Subramanian

Being a bookworm, I generally always carry a book with me. My favourite genre is fiction. I love the series The Mortal Instruments. I also like to write articles on various topics.

– Anushka Mathur

I am a mother of a one-year-old baby, I would definitely be handling my baby, forget about the laptop!

– Afroz Talat

I’d sit back, take a deep breath and listen to the sound of the plane. Many people think that the sound is annoying, but I find it very calming and peaceful. Being on a plane has always been my favourite thing. Just the mere fact that we’re travelling over oceans and seas and wide acres of land excites me and I love every bit of it, with or without a laptop – but mainly without.

– Samhitha Reddy

I would do exactly what I have been doing for so long, as I never carry my laptop on a plane. For people who do, especially those who don’t even want to transit the Middle East enroute to Europe or USA, because of the no laptop rule – learn to relax, enjoy and stimulate the senses in your surroundings, undisturbed by digital stimulation. Observe the people around you, their interactions, their behaviour, play a guessing game, make notes in your notebook, Practice your long forgotten handwriting, buy a nice new pen, a tool you hardly use other than to peel off plastic.

Pick up a nice book and read, such a change from those flash screens, read magazines, enjoy trivia and gossip – it’s good for your soul, in small doses. Learn new fashion trends, new discoveries, see articles on travel and leisure. Plan a holiday for your loved ones, you will be surprised how much new information can be gleaned by flipping through even a simple magazine. Sample the culinary delights that one normally misses when your head is stuck in your laptop and most importantly strike up a conversation, make new acquaintances, take a nap, watch a movie if you are desperate for a digital fix. Life is too short to waste it on a inanimate screen.

– Dr Minal Patwardhan Andrade

I never take a laptop when I am in the plane. If I am in business class, I see movies, play games etc. but in economy I just recall my memories and just look out the window or dream. I know it’s boring, but if I feel like I would die out of this feeling then I sleep or dream about my future.

– Lisa Susan Surjit

I love flying. This new change has not affected me since I don’t own an electronic item bigger than my phone. Depending on the duration of the journey I watch movies, listen to songs and play some word games available in the in-flight entertainment. When travelling with my son I play multi-player games and encourage him to use the resources available. Sometimes having minimal belongings is a blessing.

– Smitha Mathew

Airplanes are fun place when the distance of travelling is not more than three hours. Airlines like Emirates don’t give me time to get bored as they keep serving snacks and food item with drinks. Other economical planes really freak me out as I have a boy of seven who needs constant entertainment. So we keep on bugging the air hostess or try to sleep otherwise try to interact with co-passengers if they are not already irritated. The last hour of flight is spent making plans for after landing.

– Sanchita Ghosh

I think a break from all the gadgets is what we need from our busy lives. Watching a movie or read my favourite book will be my past time on a plane. Relaxing will be on the cards.

– Divya Nambiar

I never carry a laptop with me while using the plane, so I usually talk to my sister or listen to music or just sleep. I always feel if we use any technology on the plane, it might crash. So due to that irrational fear I don’t use laptops on the plane.

– Vrinda Sati

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