Aquarius January 20 – February 17

As an Aquarius, you were born under what might be termed one of the most agreeable signs of the zodiac, that is, others enjoy your company and you manage to find something worth discussing or learning about in everybody you encounter. Most Aquarians have a knack for making life seem interesting, partly because of your genuine interest in the world around you, in the activities of others, and in life itself. You’re always eager to learn more about what’s going on. The fact is, few Aquarians are bored, and simply because of that quality of genuine curiosity about what’s going on in the lives of others and, equally, in the world around you. 

Yet at the same time, when it comes to your own day-to-day existence, you can be very fixed in your habits. And, equally, once you’ve formed an opinion about others, you can be surprisingly rigid. In fact, you’ll sometimes turn down an idea or an offer, and without discussion, and all because at one point in the past, you had an unpleasant experience. So now, whatever the nature of the individual, task or arrangement in question, you tend to assume what’s facing you will be the same.

If there’s any challenge during 2018, it’s that again and again, circumstances will arise that force you to question your often very firm views on such matters. This isn’t just about any single situation but, rather, giving you an opportunity to acknowledge this surprisingly rigid side of your nature. It’s one that’s a paradox. While, on one hand, you’re genuinely inquisitive, and really enjoy learning about new things and new people, on the other, once you’ve made a decision or formed an opinion, you see little reason to review it.

However, with the dynamic Mars, itself the planet of action and courage, moving in and out of your sign a couple of times during 2018, events, perhaps challenges by circumstances, or even challenges by others, will force you to rethink some of those views. It’s interesting to note that first, Mars will join the planet of focus, Saturn, in the most reflective part of your chart. Saturn moved there in December 2017, and remains there until 2020. However, when Mars meets Saturn there in mid-March of this year, to remain until it moves into your sign on May 16, 2018, you’ll find that certain circumstances either demand that you justify your refusal to explore certain activities, or are so alluring you break the habit of a lifetime, and simply do it anyway.

Then with Mars actually in your sign from mid-May until August 13, here again you’ll find that circumstances seem to confront you, and challenge you to overcome your tendency to reject certain ideas, offers or changes, more out of habit than anything. If you can’t say an immediate yes, you could find yourself exploring it and, better yet, you’re likely to discover something exciting. 

Intriguingly, when Mars returns to that most intuitive part of your chart, joining Saturn there in mid-August, to remain until September 11, you’ll go through another cycle of this variety of questioning. It’s worth being aware this isn’t about a single question or a single situation, but about all sorts of arrangements, ideas, or offers, each of which could add to your perspective in some way, and most of those ways will be wonderful. If saying yes is challenging, begin by exploring, by focusing on who you might meet, and what you can learn. The biggest advantage of this approach is that with each experience and each passing day, you’ll discover something new.

Not only will you be encouraged to review what you do out of habit, the powerful series of eclipses which take place during the year – the Aquarius eclipsed New Moon on February 15 and the eclipsed Full Moon in your sign, on July 27, both indicates changes in your circumstances and perspective. But, here, too, this isn’t just about change. It’s about discovery, and in fact, if there’s any one thing you want to be on the lookout for during this year, it’s about what you regard as unrealistic ideas or offers, or unappealing activities.

The more aware you are of this, the less this will allow the part of you that tends to be a creature of habit to dominate, and the more welcoming you’ll be to the breakthroughs that are what this year is all about. Once you recognise that, once you get what might be termed “the breakthrough vibe”, instead of resisting those changes, you will at least explore explore them, and once you’re doing that, you’ll realise how much promise they hold for you, during 2018, and during the coming years.

Love and relationships

Few signs value their relationships with family and loved ones as much as Aquarians. Yet because you’re rethinking the balance in these alliances, you may question some. That’s not only good, that’s wise, as some would benefit from some review, if not serious discussion.

Finance and business

The last thing you’ll be in the mood to do is dwell in dull practical matters. But once you begin exploring any issues, you’ll realise how many options you have, some far more interesting than you’d imagined possible.

Health and well-being

Only once you begin exploring new ideas will you realise how much certain familiar but restrictive habits have been holding you back. This new excitement about live will bring fresh, and timely, zest to the way you look after yourself as well.