Cancer June 21 – July 21

As a Cancerian, whatever your background, lifestyle or situation, you’ve a wonderful gift. And that is because you are, by nature, caring. You’re very conscious of the needs and requirements of other people, and that can mean you take on a role of encouraging or nurturing others. Wonderful as this is, on occasion this can mean you put so much emphasis on others that you tend to neglect yourself, and your own interests and needs. In the past there have been times when achieving a balance between these two – looking after yourself and looking after the interests of others – is challenging. But it’s a lesson those born under your sign need to learn. While, often, this involves you looking after others; during 2018, you’ll find that one of the major themes is shared responsibility, that is, teamwork, partnership, and togetherness. This can involve working with those around you, possibly family. But, just as much, it’s likely you’ll be dealing with neighbours, or with colleagues, if you have a job. Whatever the setting, it will all be about give and take. And it will pop up in all sorts of ways. This won’t be about a single situation, where a single decision needs to be made, as much as dealing with ongoing situations, possibly changes in circumstances that influence a group of you. With 2018 being a rather changeable year, it could well mean that together you need to find ways to cope with these rather exciting but still somewhat unstable situations.

Not only that, with Saturn, the planet of focus, just having moved into the part of your chart that has to do with all forms of alliances, and all sorts of situations that involve working with others, you will be on a steep learning curve about exactly this. Not only that, with Mars, which is the planet of focus, action and activity, joining Saturn on March 17, and then remaining in that part of your chart for two months, departing for two months, and then returning again in August, this isn’t about a single day or a single decision. It’s about dealing with a variety of circumstances, some of which will be changing, and a variety of new ideas, many of which you’ll be learning as a result of some of those developments.

If it sounds like 2018 might be a little confusing, that’s true. But in this particular case, it’s also about growth and change. While you enjoy change, and as a Cancerian, you are inquisitive, at the same time, when things are thrust on you suddenly or are too dramatic, it can be unsettling or you feel concerned. It’s important for you to keep this in mind, simply because with eclipses early in the year, in January and February, and importantly, the Cancer eclipsed New Moon on July 13, and the eclipses in late July and August, all shaking things up, you’ll find that circumstances will shift. This is especially the case around the time of that Cancer eclipsed New Moon in mid-July, when your own feelings about those changes could be heightened as well. In every case, this is about achieving a balance between those feelings and allowing things to unfold as they must. The most important thing to keep in mind is events, even those that are unsettling, are always about growth - although not necessarily in a way you will have anticipated, and quite possibly in a way you won’t necessarily recognise initially. 

This isn’t just about dealing with others. With Jupiter, which is the planet of growth, development, and good fortune, having moved into one of the most creative parts of your chart in late 2017, and remaining there until November 2018, the focus is also on those activities that are nurturing for you, and who and what you enjoy. The activities that lift your spirits, along with the company of others. 

It may well be that you discover something new, or meet someone exciting because of the changes taking place. The trick, therefore, is to ensure that no matter how reluctant you are to delve into something new, that you overcome that resistance, get out and about, and take chances. 

In fact, if there’s anything to be on the lookout for during 2018, it’s those areas of your life, those situations where you try to avoid making changes, or even avoid exploring your options. Notice that, and instead of battling those potential changes, you will at least explore them, and what you do and what you’ve learned won’t just be interesting as you live out the days of 2018. What and who you encounter you meet could add to your life over the years to come as well. 

Love and relationships

Because 2018 will be unsettling for everybody, be aware that just as you’ll sometimes need support, so will others. But because they may be unaware of it, you may need to pick up on signals they’re on edge or worried. If in doubt, do what you can to give others a boost. 

Finance and business

During changeable years, such as this, life’s about consolidating what you have, and possibly trading one thing, plan or even business for another. Big deals probably can and should wait. Even those that seem solid need careful attention and nurturing. 

Health and well-being

While diet and exercise are important, so are the ways you ‘feed’ yourself in terms of good company and activities that lift your spirits. Sometimes, time spent with somebody special can give the kind of boost that gives the rest of your life a special glow.