Capricorn December 21 – January 19

For you, Capricorn, the year of 2018 will be a rewarding one, one that will bring insights and a welcome, fresh perspective. Of course, in a way, it could be said this began in late 2017, when on December 20th, your ruler Saturn actually moved into your own sign. It takes Saturn about thirty years to move through the twelve signs, so it’s been a very long time since any Capricorn experienced this. Not only that, with the New Moon in your sign – the Capricorn New Moon – actually taking place on January 17, as you begin the new year, there will be this distinct sense of a fresh start, not just of new events taking place but of developments that will be as rewarding as, occasionally, they are unexpected. Of course, there’s a New Moon every month, but because this New Moon takes place just after your own ruler Saturn has moved into your sign, it might be said to kick-start this new cycle.

But not only that. With Mars, the planet of courage and action spending a good portion of the year in your sign, and with it moving into Capricorn on March 17, and remaining there until mid-May, departing and moving to accent practicalities and how wisely you use your efforts, and then with Mars returning to Capricorn on August 13 to remain in your sign until September 11, you’ll be doing what might be termed ‘revisiting your priorities’, and more than once. 

This isn’t just unusual, it gives you a rare opportunity to make plans, put them into action, then review how they worked out. This also gives you an amazing freedom to free yourself of the usual notion that you must make, and stick to, a single plan or a single decision, one you’ve carefully orchestrated. This offers you are wonderful opportunity to take chances and see what happens. But, as much, it’s about reviewing who and what you put first in your own life, in terms of your activities and pursuits, and in terms of others. And, just as much, it’s also about rethinking how you do things in general.

We all use shortcuts, in various forms, and in all sorts of situations. These streamline tasks, and make life easy. You couldn’t possibly think though every single thing you do, each day. However, in your case, some of those shortcuts, some of the things you do automatically, are based on what worked in the past, and could actually prevent you spotting new ideas, spotting opportunities, or even taking chances – worthwhile chances – in the here and now. 

With eclipses taking place during 2018, in January and February, and again in July and August, bringing shake-ups in the world around you, and because these eclipses always raise questions about existing arrangements, you’ll have a lot to think about. You will be especially focusing on how wisely you use your time and your resources. And if you decide changes are needed, rather than worrying or rushing in to do something, which might be your habit as a Capricorn, you will instead learn from those changes. And, as part of that, you’ll explore the possibility of breaking away from habits, and even taking chances where, once, you’d have been cautious.

This theme is repeated again by a powerful aspect between your ruler Saturn, and Uranus, the planet that’s all about breakthroughs – one that spans the months of August and September – and the parts of your chart that have to do with your own activities, and with who and what you put first. Here, again, it’s clear that this isn’t about a single day, a single plan, or a single decision, but about exploration and discovery. 

By now, you must be aware of this theme, and will hopefully make a note to yourself to not rush into making plans just to have them made. Equally, you’ll avoid doing things too quickly, but instead will adopt the theme for this year, which is to review things. Make plans, because you can’t avoid them, but regard those plans as more of an experiment than anything else – in terms of your personal life, in terms of close alliances, in terms of your priorities, your goals, your finances, and even in terms of what brings you joy. This will result in a new sense of yourself, one that’s the result of your ruler Saturn’s presence in your sign. It will also lead to the recognition of changes you could make, changes that probably wouldn’t even have occurred to you before, and changes that will be as exciting as, ultimately, they are rewarding. The more of those you consider as you live out the days of 2018, the more you’ll benefit during the year itself and during the coming years.

Love and relationships

Some of the most important influences on your closest alliances will be unspoken, but rather will be because you’re listening to others in a new way, and they sense that. This, in turn, builds trust and deepens the links between you. From that will emerge progress, excitement and most of all, joy.

Finance and business

Changing, if not saying farewell, to familiar activities, investments or even income sources may seem unwise. But these changes are part of realigning your strategy and long-range plans. Once, sticking with what you know was wise. However, 2018 is about exploration, and in every area of your life.

Health and well-being

Good habits are always to be admired. But from time to time, they need to be reviewed, and that’s one of this year’s tasks. It can be fun, especially if you turn exploring your options into an adventure. What you discover could be as exciting as it is beneficial.