Gemini May 21–June 20

One of your most appealing, and admirable, characteristics comes from the fact that you’re ruled by Mercury, the planet of ideas, inquisitiveness, and communication. However, that can sometimes be difficult, too, because you are so inquisitive about what’s going on around you, you become restless. And this is exactly what you’ll be experiencing in 2018. 

Yet gradually, that restlessness will turn into a genuine interest in new ideas. In fact, if there’s any single theme for the year, it’s that. One of the reasons for this is with Mars, the planet of action, moving between one of the most practical angles of your chart, the down-to-earth Capricorn, and one of the most inquisitive parts of your chart, your fellow air sign Aquarius during much of the year, life won’t be about exploring a single idea or meeting one or two interesting people - but it will be about a series of events, a series of encounters, and quite possibly a series of meetings that will all have to do with the theme for the year – that is, ‘broadening your horizons’.

In fact, it’s worth noting that with powerful eclipses taking place in late January and February, and in July and August, and with all of them accenting exactly this - new ideas, new people, new places, and indeed, broadening your horizons, this is exactly what you’ll be doing. Often this will be your decision, especially because you’ll be in an inquisitive mood. But as is often the case with eclipses, it could be that events, a sudden encounter, something that occurs in your world or, perhaps, even an unexpected invitation that takes you into new territory - and that new territory involves ideas you’ve never encountered, people who you’ve never before met or, quite possibly, something so new and unfamiliar yet intriguing that you find yourself getting deeply involved in it.

The most important thing to keep in mind, however, is that because the theme of broadening your horizons is about the entire year of 2018, this won’t be about a single situation or a single commitment, or even a single place or idea, at least as the year begins. The plan, your focus, and what you’re meant to learn will gradually become apparent, however, not all at the same time. Rather, your focus will itself develop over the year itself. 

What’s more, with Jupiter, which is all about growth and development, positioned in the part of your chart that has to do with what’s in your best interests- that is, what might be termed as being ‘good’ for you - here, again, you’ll be reviewing what you do now, and possibly rethinking everything from your activities, that is, what you pursue, to how you look after your health. This portion of your chart accents exactly that.

In some cases, you may simply decide that it’s time to look into your diet or to take up a different way of exercising or a new health regime. Or it could be that you discover some particular activity or pursuit that’s exciting and interesting. In fact, again, because the theme for the year is broadening your horizons, this could mean getting involved in something new, going someplace unfamiliar, or perhaps studying something with people new to you, who you’ve never before met. This will be intriguing and feed your inquisitive Gemini nature, but it’s also about broadening your horizons, quite possibly in terms of what you’re studying or where you go.

With the dynamic Mars moving between the practical Capricorn, which accents what you earn and what you own, and especially joint ventures, and the inquisitive Aquarius, between May and November of 2018, you’re in a period that isn’t about focusing on one single interest or pursuit, then another. This is a year that is very much about what you discover. The trick to dealing with this is to recognise that this isn’t about making a single decision, but about exploration. The turning point for you will take place later in the year, on November 15, when Mars actually moves into the crucial mid-heaven angle of your chart, which accents the structure of your life, and indicates the time has come to benefit from what you’ve learned. From that point onward, you’ll begin to make decisions. Intriguingly, a week after that, the Full Moon in your sign, the Gemini Full Moon brings a clarity about those decisions to the extent that you feel ready to make a commitment.

Be on the lookout for these facts, the facts that will come together and turn into a plan, but a plan that probably won’t become clear until you reach nearly the end of the year of 2018 and instead of worrying about those decisions, you’ll enjoy every day, week and month of the journey to making them.

Love and relationships

When you’re excited about a new idea, place or plan you can become so absorbed in it that you forget about even those closest, if only for a little while. During 2018, you’re urged to make, and keep, diary dates with both friends and family, and to tell them all about what you’re doing. 

Finance and business

You’re ideally situated to profit from 2018, not because of your investments but, because what interests you will, in the future, benefit you in terms of money or business. Because this is a tricky year, be cautious with actual investments. 

Health and well-being

There’s an emphasis on your wellbeing, simply because you’ll have so much on your mind you could forget to eat and, possibly, even rest. The best solution is to have somebody prepare meals for you and plan regular breaks, when you can get away from it all.