Leo July 22 – August 22

As a Leo, you are perhaps the most envied sign. Most Leos manage not only to look glamorous, but to have glamorous lives, and even better, to project a kind of charm and enthusiasm about life, and a quality of caring that is appealing to others – if not a source of jealousy. Yet at the same time, as you may be aware, you can be quite fixed in your nature, if not a bit stubborn. So when the potential for change arises, you’ll be hesitant, if not actually avoid them. And if things advance further, you’ll fight any progress. However, in those cases where you’re forced to undertake those changes anyway, bizarrely, you’re likely to decide maybe they’re not such a bad idea after all.

While, in most years, changes that arise aren’t that dramatic and, in any case, don’t come your way that often, they’re going to be a regular feature of 2018. This means that the wise Leo will be conscious of this tendency to resist, if not reject, the unexpected or changes. In fact, if there’s a single keyword for you for 2018, it’s “inquisitiveness”. That means you’re being encouraged to be experimental, to take chances. You may think that you do. And that’s true, except in the situations where your reaction is negative and you either say “I don’t want to,” or, worse, “absolutely not.” At some point in this process, you’ll need to recognise that it’s essential that you at least explore.

Situations of this nature are likely to arise early in the year, simply because with a series of eclipses taking place, and especially with the powerful Leo eclipsed Full Moon on January 31, and the eclipsed New Moon on February 15 accenting what you do and your habits. Hopefully, by the times of this year’s second round of eclipses, in mid-July, and importantly, the Leo eclipsed New Moon on August 11, all indicating both the need to make changes, and changes in your own thinking, this isn’t about altering your approach to a single situation, or deciding to be flexible on one particular day and then going back to your old habits. This may sound tedious simply because again, as a Leo, you know what you like, and if someone comes along and demands you change it, you can be very irritated indeed. 

However, 2018 is about breakthroughs, and for several reasons. First, with Uranus, which is the planet of innovation, visiting the part of your chart that has to do with the structure of your life several times, that is moving into, then out of, this portion of your chart during 2018, there will be talk about changes, and with Uranus moving to remain in that part of your chart in early March of 2019, they’ll definitely be taking place.

The first time Uranus moves into this part of your chart is in May, 2018, and it remains there until July; during this period you’ll find that circumstances will force you to at least consider certain changes. None of these will last – or at least last very long – during 2018. But these events are training you to be more open-minded, especially about changes in the structure of your life, how and where you live, your activities out in the world, or in your career. Here, too, it’s as much about what you learn and who you meet as it is about making a single plan, at least now.

This is also about life stories, and here again, as a Leo, you may say you know what you enjoy. However, with Jupiter, the planet of growth and development, also accenting the structure of your life and remaining in this part of your chart for most of the year, you’ll find that you’re asked to undertake things, to get involved with new pursuits, to spend time with people that either you haven’t known before, or perhaps you have spent time with and found very dull. 

The thing to bear in mind is that they’ve changed, you’ve changed, and circumstances have changed – and so what was unappealing only recently may actually be quite appealing, if not exciting, as you’ll discover during 2018.

Most of all, be on the lookout for those changes that could turn into inspiration. 

The trick is to recognise that what you could easily dismiss might turn into something remarkable. Even if you do dismiss it, have the courage to go back and see what happens. The results could be magical. 

If ever there was a year to take a chance on the new and the unfamiliar, it’s 2018.

Love and relationships

The funny thing is that you aren’t always aware of the warm, if not magical, influence you have on others. Your interest, time, touch or caring can mean so much, especially to those who are struggling. And for you? You’re irresistible, but impatient. The attention you want will come. If you wait. 

Finance and business

As a fire sign, you love ‘get rich quick’ schemes. But if ever there was a time to take things slowly, and possibly disentangle yourself from similar past arrangements, it’s now. Make care and caution your bywords.

Health and well-being

The best approach to living and eating well is to avoid discipline and depravation and instead create a luxurious but healthy approach to everyday life. This may take some thought, but the payoff will be worth the time and effort required.