Libra September 23–October 22

As a Libra, and somebody born both under the sign of the balance, the scales – that is, under the sign that is very much about all forms of relationships, by nature, you have a strong sense of reason. You appreciate balance in life. You’re caring. You think of others, and their needs. In fact, if there’s any challenge during 2018, it’s reminding yourself to think as much about and care about your own needs as much as you do those of others. In fact, if there’s any theme for you as a Libra for 2018, it’s exactly that – it’s weighing things up.

This is no surprise, since with Saturn, which is itself the most practical planet of all, and the planet of focus, only just having moved to accent the structure of your life on December 20, 2017. Consequently, as you move into 2018, you’ll find that all sorts of circumstances raise questions about that balance. By no means will you have to answer these right away. In fact, with Saturn remaining there until 2020, this won’t just be about a single situation or a single day. It will be about a range of situations, some entirely personal, others involving close alliances, family, or those at home, and yet others involving those out in the world, those you deal with on a regular basis, or people at work, if you go to a job.


But what’s most important about all of these is that this isn’t about a single day or a single decision, because the actual circumstances themselves will be shifting as well, and not only in your life. They’ll be shifting in the lives of others. Because Saturn moves into a new position only about every three years, its move into its own sign, Capricorn, in late December, 2017, will have indicated shifts in the circumstances and lives of others, too. What may be most important for you, therefore, is to keep in mind that this is a process of, indeed, weighing things up for yourself, but also working with others as they analyse situations – and as they weigh things up for themselves. In some cases, this will simply be a matter of friendship, or doing something with a family member who you care about, but in others, it will have to do with jointly figuring out what works for you.

The other important point to keep in mind during 2018 is that because the actual circumstances you’re dealing with are shifting, this won’t be about a single situation. With eclipses taking place in January and February, and again in July and August of the year, and with those eclipses themselves accenting who and what works for you – that is, what makes you happy, what inspires you and others – and accenting the structure of your life, the sudden changes indicated by eclipses will mean rethinking things anyway, which also suggests that it’s unnecessary for you to go into a great deal of detail with the plans you’re discussing, or even what you commit to or organise. While at other times that would be unwise, if you regard what you decide and do as a bit of an experiment, then you and others won’t commit, but will commit rather to exploring, and in doing so, will benefit enormously. 

This also indicates that circumstances themselves will be shifting, and with Mars, itself the planet of action, moving between the part of your chart that has to do with the structure of your life, where it arrives in mid-March, then departing to accent who and what you most enjoy in May, returning to accent the structure of your life in August, then once again accenting who and what you enjoy in September, and then moving on in November, here too, it’s about discovery and exploration, not about a single decision. When you recognise that, then instead of worrying about getting things right, you may venture further out into new territory, meeting new people or trying new ideas. If so, you’ll be glad you did, simply because in exploring in that manner, you’ll learn something, and you won’t feel that you need to include what you learn into your plans, at least right away.

Be on the lookout for those changes from those eclipses, and the changes triggered by the dynamic Mars’ moves back and forth into various positions. Not only will you understand why these are happening as they occur, you’ll make the best of them. You’ll explore what you learn and who you encounter because of that, and when it comes time to making decisions, which may not be until you move into 2019, you’ll do so with confidence. In fact, you’ll be very sure they’re the right ones. 

Love and relationships

Demanding, if not challenging, as recent issues were, they forced you and others to address the situations in question. Now that you have, both your mood and everyday life with those closest will have improved. Enough you’ll continue to tackle issues as they arise.

Finance and business

Take advantage of the introductions and ideas that come with the influence of bountiful Jupiter on this sector of your chart. Meet who you can, explore everything that you hear about and consider every idea or offer, learning from each. Decisions? They can wait.

Health and well-being

During periods as rich and busy as this year will be, it’s easy to forget about looking after yourself. Knowing that, schedule fun fitness events in your schedule, ideally with others. That way you’ll enjoy them and ensure you’re in top form.