Pisces February 18 – March 19

One of your greatest gifts, as a Pisces, is your intuition. That may sound strange, because from your perspective, your intuition is so natural, easy and so obvious that you rarely think about it. It’s only when you’re talking to somebody who seems either to be completely unaware of or – amazingly to you – lacking in a faculty for being intuitive that you realise not everybody benefits from this. But, then, there are those who are aware of their intuition but who, for some reason, ignore it that makes you realise how beneficial it is to you. Of course, being born under what is perhaps the most intuitive sign of the zodiac, and being ruled by Neptune, itself the planet of vision, this is as natural to you as breathing. 

Yet, as you’ll discover during 2018, even you seem to have abandoned certain of the powers of perception that come with the privilege of being a Pisces. In fact, much of what you’ll be thinking about, and focusing on, is rediscovering that centre within you, that core that has an intuitive understanding of what’s in your best interests and what isn’t. This is especially important in a world that doesn’t always acknowledge this way of viewing the world, and even more, doesn’t necessarily recognise intuition as a gift.

It also will have to do with being clear in your own mind about other elements of your life, and in particular, your priorities versus the intense degree you care for others around you. In fact, with the most practical planet of them all, Saturn, in the part of your chart that has to do with those close alliances, again and again, you’ll have to weigh up the amount of time, thought, effort, and, in some cases, money you invest in certain other individuals. While your attention to, and support or sponsorship of others, both in terms of introducing them to good ideas, making things happen for them, and backing them, is impressive and an admirable quality, at the same time, it can mean that you will miss out on certain things because you have invested so much time in others.

With eclipses during 2018 actually accenting the balance between these matters, between others and between your own needs, with those eclipses taking place in late January and mid-February, and also in July and August, shake-ups in circumstances will raise questions about these matters. If you pause, and actually take time to think things through, then instead of doing something swiftly just so you can say you’ve dealt with it, you’ll take time to think things over, and may even discuss the nature of those arrangements with others.

Most of all, this will take you on what might be termed a “journey”, one that’s about examining your own priorities. On one hand, this is about exploring your options. With the fortunate Jupiter actually accenting that process, and encouraging you to consider new things to do, places to go, possibly a variety of study, undertaking something that would be uplifting for you and you alone, there’ll be plenty to think about. Yet, at the same time, there’ll be a powerful focus on close alliances, so you’ll be working hard to achieve a balance in this side of your life, as well.

What may be most important is that you recognise that this is a process. It’s not about a day or a single decision. It is, rather, about learning from what you do and discuss on each day and in each situation. This process climaxes towards the end of the year, when on November 15, Mars, the planet of courage and action, moves into Pisces. It takes Mars two years to go through the entire zodiac, and so its move into Pisces in mid-November could be regarded as a sort of a graduation ceremony – and not only for what you’ve learnt during 2018, but what you’ve learned over the past two years.

Most of all, recognise that this insight will also make it possible for you to make plans, but probably plans you’ll make during 2019. Knowing that, therefore, ignore pressure of any kind to organise solid commitments during 2018. Of course, you’ll have to plan, and of course you’ll have to commit, but do so in such a way that as the remarkable insights of 2018 unfold, and as you benefit from the increasingly clarity that comes during the year’s final few months, and Mars, the planet of focus, moves into your sign, you’ll be free to make those commitments. These are commitments that probably won’t be made until you move into 2019. 

Love and relationships

So often in close relationships, you’re the one who’s thinking about others, often, looking after their interest. While, obviously, you’ll continue to care deeply about the welfare of some, you and your own plans and activities will come first. You’ll be delighted to discover how many are there for you. 

Finance and business

This is no time to take chances or be sentimental about certain vulnerable individuals. First, organise a plan, possibly with a professional giving you a hand. Then stick to it. The resulting stability will be helpful during this unsettling year.

Health and well-being

When life’s busy and there’s pressure to deal with unexpected events, looking after yourself is often forgotten. But the stability that eating wisely and taking breaks offers is essential. Make this a team effort and others will help keep you focused.