Sagittarius November 22 – December 20

Those who were born under your sign are often envied by others. This isn’t something you particularly notice, but as a Sagittarius, a fire sign, and someone who is spontaneous by nature, but who also is blessed by being ruled by the expansive and generous planet Jupiter, you are exactly that. You have a generous nature and that, in turn, allows you to find your way into situations that will be rewarding to you, but also to adopt a generous attitude and a willingness to listen to and appreciate what others are doing. In fact, one of your greatest gifts is that genuine interest in the activities of others and, as much, an interest in what’s going on in the world around you.

Yet if there’s any one theme for you in 2018, it’s to take a different approach to life, and in particular, to slow your pace. That may seem irritating, at least initially. You rather enjoy the thrill of thinking and moving swiftly. Yet what you recognise, what you learn, what you observe because of adopting that more measured way of moving through each day, and through life, will be enormously beneficial now and, in many ways, over the coming years. The reason for this is, with your ruler Jupiter having moved into the most reflective and strategic part of your chart in October, 2017, and remaining there until November, 2018, you’re in a cycle that’s all about exactly this variety of reflection. This is also, by the way, preparing you for the extremely dynamic period that begins when Jupiter itself actually moves into Sagittarius, in November, 2018.

That being the case, you’re urged to take advantage of this period, which while informative, will be oddly uncomfortable, and in several ways. This isn’t because it’s negative but, rather, because it encourages if not, on occasion, forces you to look at circumstances, to look at close alliances, and to look at your activities from a different and perhaps more practical angle than is your habit. This also allows you to reflect on and to learn from what you’re doing, and to consider whether you need to make changes or, in certain cases, perhaps even eliminate existing, familiar, comfortable arrangements. 

Not only that. With the most practical planet of them all, Saturn, having moved into the part of your chart that has to do with your resources, and also triggering analysis of this variety, and you’ll be considering whether you are getting what might be termed ‘good value’ for what you’re doing and, just as much, where you’re investing your interests, your activities – and even, in some cases, your heart.

While those born under intense, but impulsive fire signs are rarely calculating about relationships in the way some of the other, more cautious, signs can be – and, in fact, you sometimes rather enjoy getting involved in something that’s far more about passion than it is about your best interests, during 2018, you’ll be thinking a great deal about exactly such matters. About what, and even more, who, is worth your time. Not only that. With the dynamic Mars itself accenting these practical issues, yet also spending a portion of the year turning your attention to new ideas and new approaches to life and, especially, to alliances, you’ll discover a lot, but often in ways that will be the result of you being cornered into doing something that you might not otherwise do.

As a Sagittarius, you are an expert at extricating yourself from things that you aren’t eager to do, and you could probably manage that during 2018. 

Instead, however, you’re encouraged to take a different approach. It’s to be conscious of that part of your nature that’s been avoiding certain activities, alliances or even people, and instead rouse the inquisitive side of your nature about these. Do that, and you’ll find that it is easy to explore, if not plunge into, exactly those activities, pursuits and alliances that you’re sure you’ll find boring, where you fear you’d be lectured about what you’re doing or where you feel you might be forced to make a commitment you don’t want to make. In every case, this is about exactly this variety of discovery, and what you learn won’t just be beneficial now, during 2018, it will benefit you, and in wonderful ways, during the coming years.

In fact, the tip for the year of 2018 is to be on alert for those situations where you get impatient, where you just want to run away and do something else. Those are the very situations that won’t just prove to be rewarding during 2018. What you learn during this year from these will benefit you now, and benefit you even more as the future years unfold.

Love and relationships

As much as you enjoy exploring new ideas, the changes you experience in the way you approach all forms of links with others, from those at work to close personal ties, will shift and grow as you do. While this may be sometimes be challenging, deep down you’ll actually enjoy what you’re learning. 

Finance and business

Every once in a while, you realise that you’re on a lucky streak. This isn’t so much about plain good fortune as, with practical Saturn accenting these matters, you’ll review your existing arrangements and consider new ones. While time consuming, you’ll benefit substantially from your efforts. 

Health and well-being

Because you’re in a busy cycle, you’ll have all sorts of excuses for grabbing a bite rather than eating well, or neglecting to fit in some healthy activities. Because this is a year of being involved with others, get others to join in with you. Make looking after yourself a team effort.