Scorpio October 23 – November 21

As a Scorpio, you were born under one of the most perceptive signs. While, on one hand, you’re sensitive and deep, and are well aware of your own feelings and, equally, well aware of those of others – sometimes more aware of their own feelings than they are themselves, often you also know more than most about what’s going on in family, with friends, and even in the world around you. But at the same time, because as a Scorpio, you can be very private, you won’t always let others know what you’re thinking or feeling. As a result, others will often be unaware of your feelings or thoughts. 

During 2018, however, it will be important for you to be somewhat more open about what’s going on within. This is primarily because with Jupiter, which is itself the planet of growth, development and discovery, actually positioned in Scorpio until November of this year, your life is all about growth, expansion, and just plain good fortune. 

Wonderful as this is, there are two things that could be tricky, at least they will be if you don’t understand what you’re dealing with. The issue is that, because you’re cautious about what you do, you could easily regard some of what arises as being very much the same as similar events in the past, and so will be inclined to question or even pass up ideas or offers, simply because they’re similar to those from the past. 

Or, equally, certain ideas, offers or events will arise, but won’t be in the form you’d have expected that opportunities, welcome developments or just plain good luck to appear in. 

Yet, in both cases, it’s vital that you recognise that you’re in a period that’s about broadening your horizons, and in two ways. Partly, it’s about being more open with others, that is, giving them greater access to your feelings and, even more, your desires. But, also, it’s about being open-minded to things that you would ordinarily dismiss, or even say a firm “no” to. 

The fact is, circumstances have changed, you’ve changed, and what those ideas or opportunities signify have changed. What’s more, with the dynamic Mars accenting your point of view, and with it moving between that portion of your chart and the part that has to do with the structure of your life during the middle portion of 2018, from March until November, 2018, this isn’t about a single day or a single plan. It’s about shaking off that unintentional but restrictive way of looking at life, others and the world.  So, rather than assuming you know something won’t work out, because it didn’t in the past, the wise Scorpio will realise it’s time to take what seems to be a chance. This doesn’t mean you’ll do it – but it does suggest you’ll at least explore what arises. It’s also interesting to note that with the practical Saturn forming a powerful aspect to Uranus, a planet of innovation, in August and September of this year, what’s most unexpected could actually be in your best interests. If ever there was a time to say “yes” to the unexpected, and to explore even what’s been unrewarding in the past or, equally, what you regard as uninteresting, it’s now, during 2018. Be particularly aware of situations that bring up past issues – circumstances where things didn’t go well. Note these, remembering, the past is by no means the present.

Whatever be the situation, think of these as an opportunity both to shed the memories of the past and to revisit that actual situation. 

The trick is not to turn the two into one, that is to avoid doing what might be called collapsing the past and past experiences into one big, confusing and possibly upsetting story. Instead, be very clear in your own mind about what went on in the past – ideas, discussions, and both challenges and achievements. Keep these in mind, but don’t allow those to colour your view of what’s possible in the present or the future. 

Learn to adopt this perspective, this clearer distinction between the past and present – and to see the past as indeed being that, and as you do, you’ll find it easier to say “yes” – and perhaps say “yes” in an uncharacteristically impulsive manner, to what arises.


While you may not need to carry out those plans, what you learn simply from taking them seriously, and discussing them in depth, will more than compensate you for overcoming those risks, and even more, could lead you into wonderful new experiences and encounters as you live out the days of 2018.

Love and relationships

Uncomfortable if not challenging as being more open with others is, the payoffs, personally and out in the world, will be amazing. Build on this. Experiment with discussing what you care about and want to do. And you’ll also listen to others in a new way, one that strengthens your bonds.

Finance and business

As a Scorpio, you’re always looking for a “sure thing”, so will sometimes reject what seems risky. During 2018, at least explore these ideas or offers, if only to learn something or get to know the people involved. That, alone, will enrich you. But the odds are good, you’ll be better off in other ways, too

Health and well-being

It’s said that simply pausing to take a few slow, deep breaths is as beneficial as meditation. That’s especially the case for you. While, obviously, eating wisely and looking after your physical well-being is very important, the simple act of pausing to “breathe consciously” could transform your mood, and eventually your year.