Taurus April 20-May 20

As a Taurus, and somebody ruled by the planet Venus, you’re not only very good at living a luxurious life, you’re usually able to manage that life very well. You ensure things run smoothly. This is one of the reasons people love being around you. You make even simple things seem luxurious. Not only that, once you work things out, you like to keep them that way, which makes sense, because you invest a lot of time and thought into creating an environment, creating a life, and creating relationships that suit your level of luxury. It’s for this reason that you dislike or battle changes you regard as pointless. You know what you like, and work hard to create a world that’s appealing and pleasant, for you and others. However, it’s vital to recognise that every once in a while, change is in the air – and 2018 is all about change. This variety of change is ‘revolutionising’ your thinking, your circumstances, and prompting you to learn from, and deal with, revolutionary ideas and offers. 

Even hearing about that might worry you, but when you learn about the nature of these, you’ll not only become optimistic, you’ll be excited.


In late 2017, Saturn, the most practical planet of them all, moved into your fellow earth sign of Capricorn, and to accent new ideas and ways you could broaden your horizons. It remains there until 2020. However, during 2018, it will be introducing you to new ideas, some of which you may have heard of but dismissed in the past, and others may be so new you don’t even know what to think about them. Actually, that’s good, because during 2018, what you learn, won’t just be interesting, some of those experiences and insights could benefit you enormously and ultimately reshape your life.

These experiences and activities are indicated by the unusual situation of the dynamic planet Mars, which moves into that most inquisitive part of your chart in on March 17, and remains there until May 16, when it moves to accent your life. Normally, that would be that. Mars would move on, through the zodiac, moving through all 12 signs during the period of two years. But during this year, Mars will remain in the same two portions of your chart; between March and November, you’ll have about two months during which Mars is accenting that process of exploration, and then it will return to that most inquisitive part of your chart, which suggests that you’ll take these changes in stages, and quite possibly the circumstances themselves will shift as well.

This means that it may not be until September, when Mars makes its final move into the crucial mid-heaven angle of your chart, that you’re able to turn what you hear about into decisions. This also means that what you learn will mean that you’ll probably go through plan A, plan B, plan C, and so on. Once you accept that, then instead of being annoyed with those mini-changes, as you might ordinarily be as a Taurus, you’ll actually enjoy them, and you’ll realise how much you’re learning from them.

It’s also worth noting that with eclipses taking place – and eclipses being about sudden if timely change – and also accenting the structure of your life, it’s wise to be ready to deal with the unexpected. These eclipses are early in the year, on January 31 and February 5, but also during July and August, what seems best, and in fact what seems likely if not possible, may be very different from anything you would have anticipated, even when 2018 began. If there’s any suggestion, anything to look out for during the year, it’s to be aware of your reaction to what seems to be disruption. Those disruptive ideas, those changes that you react to by thinking that you’d simply never get involved with them, might actually be the key to what will turn out to be breakthroughs – those that will shape your thinking and your life during the year of 2018 and the coming years.

The secret? The secret is to learn to love what you’re unfamiliar with, to learn to enjoy unexpected encounters, and to venture into new territory in a way that you might not ordinarily do as a Taurus, or at least you might not do when you start the year. As you move into the year of 2018, you’ll realise how exciting what you’re learning is, and it will be so exciting that by the year’s close, you’ll not only be exploring those changes, you’ll be enthusiastic about them. 

Love and relationships

During periods of change, such as the current one, you can become grumpy, almost as if you’re blaming others for unexpected events. Think back to times in the past when you battled changes, yet soon adapted. It’s the same now. 

Finance and business

Once you recognise that the world around you, and your own circumstances, are shifting, then instead of battling new developments, you’ll adopt an adventurous approach. You’ll not only enjoy the year’s twists and turns, you’ll profit from them.

Health and well-being

It’s easy to become so absorbed in events in the world around you that eating well and staying fit are forgotten. Get a group together, to exercise, dine well and have fun. You might even plan a fitness holiday together.