Virgo August 22 – September 22

As a Virgo and an earth sign, you’re clever. In fact, you were born under one of the most discerning signs of the zodiac. You know what’s what, you know what’s best, and because as a Virgo, and somebody ruled by the planet Mercury, you have an amazing ability to assess how things have worked, and that assessment turns into the facts that become for you what might be termed the history of your life, and even more, the history and experiences of your world.

However, the keyword for you in 2018 is “discovery”. While you may be well aware of how things have worked in the past, it’s vital that you recognise that times have changed, you’ve changed, and circumstances have changed. And so, although it may sound strange to say, you don’t know as much as you once did.

When you recognise that, and when you recognise that with Jupiter, which is the planet of growth and development, positioned in the part of your chart that has to do with your own perspective during 2018, this is about experiencing a whole new world of ideas, and a range of growing perceptions. In a way, you could say this began in December, 2017, when on the 3rd, Jupiter formed a stunning aspect to Neptune, the planet of vision. This occurs again on May 25 and August 19 of 2018, and because these planets span the parts of your chart that have to do with your own point of view and those of others, it suggests not only that you’ll benefit from the perspective of others, but by working together, you’ll broaden your own perspective. In the process, you’ll not only learn a lot, it’s also possible that there will be rewarding new alliances during 2018.

What’s more, with the most practical planet of them all, Saturn, itself moving to accent who and what focuses your attention on creative activities and brings you joy in life, here, too, this isn’t just about duty. Ordinarily, Saturn’s presence would accent duty and serious aspects of life. But in this case it’s about learning to undertake a new kind of focus; it’s about discovering exactly that: new joys and pleasures. It’s about learning to be playful, or it could well turn out that what has been work can become “play” of some variety. That may sound strange, but there are many professions where that is the case, for example, with athletes, who must indeed train, but who are playful. They enjoy what they’re doing. It’s the same with those who are in creative arenas, and it may well be that something draws you into a blend of this.

Not only that. With Mars, which is the planet of action and courage, moving between the portions of your chart that have to do with those practicalities, and with breakthrough ideas, here, too, this isn’t about making a single goal or doing things in a single way. It’s about exploring various options, learning from them, refining what you’ve learned, doing things differently, and then doing yet more exploration. This may not be your normal approach to life, as an analytical Virgo and an earth sign, yet you’ll find that if you try to plan things too much, you won’t be in the right frame of mind or perhaps even be in the right circumstances to take advantage of the numerous changes that unfold during the year.

It’s also worth noting that with Uranus, the planet of innovation, which has been in the financial part of your chart since 2010, itself moving, but moving several times backwards and forwards, into new positions during the year, you’ll hear about all sorts of ideas. Some may last, some may not, but all will get you thinking and broaden your horizons in the way that events, encounters, and ideas are meant to do during 2018.

Finally, with eclipses also indicating shake-ups, this isn’t about a single day, or in fact a single decision. It’s about circumstances that arise, occasionally unexpectedly. Eclipses in late January and February will get you going, and make you realise that this isn’t about making a single plan. And then, by the middle of the year, eclipses on July 13 and 27 and on August 11 will further that process of questioning and change. By then, you’ll not only realise how rewarding these new ideas are, you’ll begin to be making flexible, tentative decisions because of them. And if there’s anything you want to keep 

in mind, it is exactly that. If ever there was a year to take chances, and to take chances because that process will give you joy, it is 2018. 

Love and relationships

As much as you enjoy the give and take of friendships and closer emotional alliances with loved ones, you’re far more comfortable doing things for others than receiving. This is the year when you’ll learn to say ‘yes’, and to let others show how much they care. And to enjoy it.

Finance and business

Being an earth sign, you’re cautious. Yet during this year you’ll need to take chances, not perhaps in financial terms but, instead, by venturing into new territory, in terms of both making money and investing. You may worry you’re short of facts. Begin, and you’ll soon be amazed how well informed you are.

Health and well-being

On occasion, especially if you’re tired or worried, you’ll suddenly feel unwell. This isn’t about illness but, rather the need to take a break if not get away from life’s pressures for a few days. Yet you feel such things must be earned. Not this year and, really, not ever. Spoil yourself. You’ll soon realise how therapeutic it is.