Mar 20 – Apr 18

Trying to organise plans when others can’t, or won’t, commit and the actual circumstances in question keep changing is hugely annoying. However, this is actually preventing you from making arrangements that you’d only have to rethink, possibly more than once. So, forget about struggles to get things going swiftly. Instead, focus on exploring every option, including those that seem unappealing. You’ll be surprised what works.   

Apr 19 – May 19

There’s little you can do to sidestep changes, many unexpected and some unwelcome. The trick is to explore everything, including those that you’d otherwise ignore or even battle. Once you learn more, you’ll realise they’re part of a cycle that, while disruptive, is about strengthening close alliances, personal or professional, and broadening your horizons. Within days you’ll exchange your doubts for enthusiasm about what’s next.  

May 20 – Jun 20

You’re hugely inquisitive. Still, you sometimes battle what seem pointless changes and could, as may be the case now, simply refuse to make them. The problem is that between the swift pace and so much in transition, things simply won’t make sense. Yet both the people and circumstances involved won’t just be interesting, they’ll contribute to the breakthroughs that climax with early December’s Gemini Full Moon.

Jun 21 – Jul 21

You’ve a unique knack for soothing those who’re uneasy about committing to changes they dislike. However, when it comes to potential changes in your own life, you’re struggling. That’s because they’re about a big time transition and you’re lacking vital facts. Since little will be settled right away, you’ve time to both gather information and assess your options. Once you learn more, those doubts will vanish.  

Jul 22 – Aug 21

With the fortunate Jupiter accenting the structure of your life, things are shifting. While you’re thrilled by many of these changes, others raise questions about seemingly stable elements of your life. This isn’t new. There’s been talk about such matters, but you’ve managed to sidestep those that seemed unappealing. As the coming weeks unfold, you’ll realise a reorganisation isn’t just wise, it’s in your best interests.

Aug 22 – Sept 21

Ordinarily, you’d never agree to changes that influence how you live or work without full details. But with things moving swiftly, and discussions being exciting, you don’t want to miss out. The trick is to show interest and, where possible, make plans but avoid commitments you couldn’t change. Others are facing the same situation and won’t just understand, they’ll join with you on making things work.  

Sept 22 – Oct 22

Once you understand that even simple plans won’t last as first organised, you’ll stop worrying about certain inevitable changes and, instead, will stand back and allow them to unfold. This avoids dramas but also means you’ve time to explore even seemingly bizarre ideas. By the week’s close, between shifts in circumstances and the resulting insights, you’ll be considering options very different from any you’d previously imagined possible.  

Oct 23 – Nov 21

As a Scorpio, you’ve a powerful instinct about how to respond to worrying developments. However, you could easily misinterpret the current heightened mood as reason for concern when, mostly, it’s a by-product of recent and ongoing rapid changes. Disruptive as these are in the short term, it’s better if they take place, and are dealt with swiftly, even if this means leaving various details for later.    

Nov 22 – Dec 20

The events triggered by the recent link between the Sun and your ruler Jupiter, newly positioned in the most strategic portion of your chart, raised several questions. While you’ve already tackled a few, you’re unsure what others involve. Understanding these and what’s needed will take time. Still, what you learn about situations, others and yourself will prove instructive, often about matters you didn’t realise needed attention.

Dec 21 – Jan 18

Although you’ve no fear of confronting others when necessary, generally you prefer to find a peaceable solution for conflicts. Now, however, with things moving so swiftly, it’s about figuring out temporary arrangements that everybody can live with. This is easier and, better yet, gives you and those involved, a chance to experiment, taking an approach that seems risky in the long term but works for now. 

Jan 19 – Feb 17

Acknowledging there’s no way around certain persistent issues may seem a defeat, but actually it gives you reason to call those involved together to brainstorm a solution. While this may heighten tensions, if temporarily, soon everybody will be clearer about the real problem. Once you’ve eliminated any remaining confusion, you’ll find you’re well on the way to coming up with a lasting answer.  

Feb 18 – Mar 19

Explaining to others what’s on your mind or your long term goals isn’t easy, especially when you’re unclear exactly what you’re dealing with. But judging by seriously powerful aspects involving your ruler Neptune, until mid-November, you’ll need to take things in stages. Frustrating as these delays are, you’ve time to weigh up your options, so when plans are made, you’re sure they’re the right ones.