Going past Anjuna beach in Goa some months back, watching the long meld of the sea and sky from the car window, I wonder if Pamela Singh Bordes is still living there. According to media reports, she moved to this sun-kissed corner of India some years ago to lead a quiet life. She collects rare books and occasionally, the report said, she goes mountain climbing.

Who is Pamela Singh Bordes, you ask? She is a former Miss India beauty pageant winner who enjoyed protracted media attention in the late ’80s-90s as she transitioned from the notoriety following her dalliances with the rich and famous to becoming a celebrity photographer who acquired notable peer credibility.

She was also the cover person of the first issue of Friday magazine.

Hence the Anjuna moment, which, like the finest elastic, ended up stretching way beyond Anjuna, bringing to mind a cascade of images of the making of Friday magazine, the first of its kind in the UAE. All the elements of that unforgettable experience came together in a rambunctious reunion, pushing the hand of time to turn the pages of the first issue once again. Two columns took pride of place at the front of the book: Everything Is Always About Something Else and Through the Looking Glass.

Looking back on those titles, I can’t help but think that life is pretty much about one or the other.

Far from turning the mind into mush as many people believe, nostalgia is an intuitive do-gooder. It springs from the present, flows into the past, does some rapid assimilation of abiding truths and races back to remind you of all the things that went into the making of a great idea.

You are holding that idea in your hand as you read this.

Happy birthday, Friday.