While we’ve seen a lot of celebrities coming unhinged during the lockdown, Shah Rukh Khan’s having a lot of fun. Fresh off his appearance and powerful message at the ‘One World: Together at Home' concert rallying funds for Covid-19 (even Lady Gaga was seen cheering for him), on Monday he decided fan interaction on Twitter was the way to go.

With a #AskSrk session, he answered everything from the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on the film industry (pause, reset and then play) to how he was spending time during the lockdown (with his three kids), to when he’d be calling quits on his career as a superstar (ask a superstar, I’m just a king) – and even responded to a marriage proposal for his little son Abram! It was a candid glimpse into his way of life as an A-lister during the quarantine, and fans didn’t miss the chance.

Nothing was off limits – not even the colour of his toothbrush. (Yes, it’s black.)

The only question that seemed to leave him flummoxed? When he was asked for tips on quitting smoking. All the self-confessed chain smoker would say was that his fan was looking for answers in the wrong place.

We’ve selected a few juicy highlights from the Q&A sesh for you:

On personal fan questions

On showbiz

On family

On the coronavirus lockdown


The star ended by thanking fans and saying he needed to get back to 'doing nothing'. Looks like he isn’t all that different from us after all. Except for all the money, and the humongous mansions to lockdown in, of course.

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