Eappen Elias


Christmas is a time of joy and getting together. Every year we put up a Christmas tree as a mark of hope. It’s good fun.

Preeti Pradhan Patnaik


Every year we put up a Christmas tree and include two brand new ornaments to the tree. That’s our tradition which we strictly follow. We love the way kids fix the branches and decorate it. I guess it's a time for bonding. On 25th December we cut a home-baked cake for Christmas and go out for a family dinner.

Bitesi Tarasis


My favourite family tradition for Christmas back in Zambia is having a Christmas vigil mass in the evening, then joining together with the family and friends for a dance.

Tanya Goswami


Baking a plum cake and cookies, decorating the Christmas tree and playing secret Santa with friends and family always amuses me and enhances the magic of Christmas. It's a tradition we follow.

Shiny Davison


A family dinner with friends who have become family living in this immensely beautiful country UAE for the past 25 years. That's our festive tradition.

Sheeba Jojo

My favourite family tradition is spreading love and cheer by sharing gifts and homemade, yummy Christmas goodies with friends and family.

Anabel Anto

Last Christmas we woke up at midnight and ate Yule cake, we opened our gifts and blasted party poppers. I think that was the most fun I had.

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