In the past couple of months, we’ve all seen innumerable memes and forwards that have men doing domestic chores while working from home. While they are hilarious no doubt, I believe they are what they are: Works of fiction.

At the risk of sounding sexist, and after extensive research* (see below), I have come to the conclusion, women continue to win at the sport of juggling jobs on hand.

Whether it is managing homeschooling schedules; having the answer to the most trending question: what’s for lunch?; and dealing with the most important task of them all: delegating duties; it is us women who are not only battling opposition and dereliction on the domestic frontline, but leading from the front by doing their bit to the best of their capability. And don’t forget, these tricky tasks quite often are over and above the demands of their professions.

This brings me to the question that many of you reading this note might be asking already: Haven’t women always been hailed for their multitasking capabilities? What’s new about this?

Let me explain.

This thought is a product of a constant state of exaggerated exhaustion where, thanks to our work and life fusing completely, I feel we are that hamster who is straddling not one, but two wheels at the same time, and there is no time out. Also, am I the only one who thinks since the time we started working from home, working hours is an extinct concept?

*My research was a result of a moan-and-groan session with my girl-friends that resulted in a profound observation: A meme about women juggling work and domestic chores while working from home would be too real and, therefore, might not evoke a smile but just a shrug.

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