As I write this Ed’s note, I am still applauding for one of the most celebrated actors of all times, Sir Anthony Hopkins. Not just for his hair-raising, scintillating performance in The Father, where he portrays an elderly man in advanced stage of dementia and eventually winning the prestigious Academy Award for best actor for his role, but for proving – yet again – that talent does not age. Honed and chiselled by time and experience, it only gets more exquisite and sublime in expression. At 83, Sir Hopkins continues to inspire not only those who wish to make a mark for themselves in the world of performing arts but those who are seeking happiness in life as well (isn’t that all of us?).

In an interview earlier this year, Sir Hopkins said, "Just keep it simple… Don’t think too much about it. Just do it." "It" being Life itself.

Simple advice, simply put. So why is it difficult to follow, I wonder. Is our ambition coming in the way? Are our expectations from ourselves and from others limiting us, having a corrosive impact on our mindset? Tough questions with uncomfortable answers. But the truth is, there's no beating around this bush. The key to happiness lies in confronting all our fears and overcoming our failings and being grateful for what we have been bestowed with.

As the senior citizens in the feature ‘Stepping out with the young at heart’ (read the story here) expound "live well to stay well".

I leave you with a powerful quote from Sir Anthony himself, "I love life because what more is there?"

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