When I stepped into the world of writing some 25 years ago, my teachers and mentors impressed upon me that while journalism is a career like any other, it comes with its own set of unique responsibilities – one of the most important being: Be an empathetic storyteller.

In about four months from now I will be completing 20 years with this magazine. And in these two decades, that advice has been a steady companion every time the editorial team sits down to brainstorm the content of the magazine, becoming one of the pillars on which this magazine stands.

But that’s not all. In these 20 years, I have come to believe that this advice has also been that glue that over the years has stregthened our bond with you, our readers.

Either that or should I say the love this magazine has received – and continues to receive – from you, has never allowed us to shrug off the weight of our responsibility towards you, nurturing us to grow and improve over the years; and deliver on quality and thought each time.

As we suspended the production of the magazine (can you believe, it was exactly a year ago when we took the step), your love was very evident in the innumerable messages we received. While some of you expressed displeasure and disappointment at the decision, in the notes we found the strength to hope. Hope for circumstances to improve; and hope in the strong bond we have always shared.

Now as we make our way back on to the shelves, we hope to deliver on what we do best – empathetic storytelling.

Reach me at mshekar@gulfnews.com.

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