So what’s the best way to deal with a problem? Did you say confront it? Wrong. The correct answer is look for an escape. Or, according to catchphrase trend reports, go on a savecation. The portmanteau is still a fledgling, testing its wings in the growing vocabulary of catchy expressions, but thanks to the pandemic that’s about to change. Have I got you completely confused?

Let me start from the beginning: According to news reports and surveys, the onset of coronavirus or the consequent lockdown/quarantine has turned homes into a pressure cooker waiting to blow up. What were infrequent, seemingly inconsequent skirmishes among spouses until the start of the year, have since become the elephant in the room that refuses to be overlooked. Across the world, reports say, a growing number of couples is planning to uncouple as soon as the world emerges on to the other side of the pandemic.

Here’s where the term savecation comes in. Social scientists, marriage counsellors and relationship therapists (tourism industry is yet to catch on) believe that it is a panacea which can salvage the complete breakdown of the fragile relationship. All you need to do as a couple is pack your bags and go on a holiday. A change of environment apparently helps the warring couple get a fresh perspective on their relationship, giving them a chance to better communicate their differences and evaluate their life together. Since the phenomenon is still in its infancy stage, there is no study about its efficacy.

Now, are you wondering why am I talking about a random phenomenon in a note that normally relates to an article in the inside pages? All I can say is that I read about the phenomenon recently and it has caught my fancy ever since. Don’t jump to conclusions just yet, I have no plans on taking a savecation any time soon. (Can’t say the same about my husband though.)

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