Mawaheb from Beautiful People, an art studio for adults with special needs from 16 years and above, is collaborating with More Café where art works created by the students will be up for sale on March 14.

Mawaheb is a studio where student artists learn artistic skills and develop life skills, self-confidence and self-esteem.

‘Through the medium of art, we bring the process of self-expression to individuals of all abilities, to help them realize their full potential and prevail over life’s challenges,’ said Wemmy de Maaker, Founder and Managing Director.

‘Our mission is to break down the boundaries and stigmas associated with people with special needs by integrating them into mainstream society and giving them a voice to demonstrate their own unique creativity.

‘We have seen incredible changes in all our students and are very proud of all their achievements. They have made excellent progress in improving confidence, self-esteem and became more independent individuals. They have made friends at Mawaheb and socializing together during the weekends. Some of our artists have become motivational speakers at schools and corporate events.’

Over the past 4 years students have showcased their work in well-known, influential art galleries in Dubai Art Couture and Showcase gallery. ‘We were delighted to work with Giordano T-shirts who printed our artists’ work and also for Haute Couture fashion designers. We also worked in partnership with a Guinness World record breaking designer to help produce the fabric for the world’s largest Abaya.’

One of the students, James Casaki, is passionate about music. He is always up for an impromptu performance as his passion for music and singing motivates him. Although having performed at the Albert Hall in England, he awaits a bigger performance.

As an artist with Kabuki Syndrome, James’ positive attitude has allowed him to become a motivational speaker and excel at acting and basketball as well. His new found interest in sketching and painting saw him create his 1st painting inspired by the works of Modigliani.

James’ message for the world is that everybody should be themselves and “be original”.