How many fittings should I insist on when ordering a bespoke suit? What should I look out for?

A bespoke suit is beyond being just custom-made in terms of fit and style. Over the years, bespoke has become synonymous with precision and perfection, so you should get as many fittings as it takes for a suit to become your second skin.

On average, this usually cannot be achieved without a minimum of two trials. If you’re using a bespoke tailor who is true to his craft, he will insist on you having as many sessions as needed to perfect the suit.

During the first fitting, ensure that all your requests have been incorporated in the suit. These include checking that the lapel is correctly done, the number of buttons on the front and sleeves is what you requested, the lining and phone and pen pockets are the way you wanted them, and other such instructions have been followed.

Sit down and check if your trousers are the right fit and have them adjusted accordingly. Finally, judge the fit of the suit and request it to be let out or pinched tight wherever you feel the need.

During the second fitting, ensure that the changes have been implemented, especially the finer details like the length of your sleeves and trousers. Perform some normal activities in your suit like sitting down and reading the paper or walking around, and judge if it is compatible with your body type. You should feel completely comfortable in it, to the extent that it becomes a part of you. It is only then that the suit will feel like a second skin and an extension of your personality.