What is Bullet Proof coffee? And will I lose weight if I have it for breakfast?

Bullet Proof coffee is black coffee blended together with MCT Oil, coconut oil and some organic butter. It can do wonders for your system provided you follow the basic principles of eating clean. You are suppose to have it in place of your breakfast followed by lunch. A lot of people swear by it and if you like experimenting with your body and appetite, you can try it too. In my opinion it works well for those who don’t eat breakfast. I would personally not recommend it to anyone because I believe that eating real food can satisfy us at a very emotional level and that is very essential when you are looking for a good health fix for life.

But here is what really seems to work with me and my clients. I prescribe just one heaped tablespoon of fat, either clarified ghee or butter or coconut oil blended together in hot black coffee taken first thing in the morning. Leave a gap of 2 hours post this and then move on to eating whole eggs with veggies or a big bowl full of whole nuts based on your appetite. This way you are not skipping real food and replacing it with fat alone.

Just one tablespoon of fat in the morning will help line your gut, help you switch to using fat as fuel instead of carbs and keep your insulin levels stable if you choose the right foods post this wake up beverage.

And no! One thing alone can never help you lose weight. It is always a synergy of eating well, working out and keeping a healthy happy mind consistently that will help you lose the weight for good.