<#comment>I am interested in studying about alternative energy. What are the various fields?

Reserves of fossil fuels are finite and not only can they not be replaced but the cost of retrieving them is getting progressively higher and environmentally more damaging.

A consequence of global warming has been the meteoric growth of alternative energy – energy sources which do not use up the earth’s natural resources or fossil fuels and do not harm the environment. It is estimated that by 2030 alternative energy will be a one trillion dollar industry.

It is already UK’s second largest source of electricity, generating more than 25 per cent of the country’s requirement.

Alternative energy can manifest itself through various medium particularly wind, marine and solar.

This growth in alternate energy sector has sparked an array of opportunities for many professionals — even in fields such as real estate and sales.

The core of the industry and the technology’s growth continues to be solar installers, who help set up and maintain the panels that are increasingly appearing on rooftops.

Building environmentally sustainable buildings and houses require expertise across a range of professionals in design and construction — from architects and engineers to carpenters and heavy equipment operators.

Wind turbine is not only a fast growing industry in clean energy – it is the single fastest occupation in United States.

The growing demand for cars that both save money and create less pollution has increased the demand for skilled engineers. In future engineers would be required to apply their creativity and intelligence to design energy-efficient, high performance vehicles which do not emit carbon emissions and pollute the environment.

Oregon Institute of Technology, MIT, Stanford and UC Berkeley all have programs in renewable energy.

You could also explore Ecotech the only college in USA fully dedicated to alternative energy studies.

In UK, universities renowned for alternative energy programs would include Exeter, Aberdeen, Brunel, and Nottingham.