Can you suggest a few diet tips to help me get healthier?

Sure. Here are three which can get you on the right path of healthy eating.

Use the right cooking oil: Most have almost the same amount of calories and fat content. But the quality of fat is the big difference here. Vegetable oils are refined and stripped of all their essential nutrients. They have a low smoking point and are high in Omega 6, which is pro-inflammatory. We need a delicate balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 for optimal hormonal health. Using cheap refined vegetable oils disturbs this balance.

Coconut oil, ghee or organic butter do the opposite. Since they have a high smoking point, you can subject these to higher temperatures and not worry about the fat changing to trans fat, which is harmful for your heart.

Switch your salt: Start using Himalayan pink salt over refined iodised salt.

The processing methods of Himalayan salt allow it to have all the trace minerals and nutrients like nature intended. This has a very balancing effect on the body’s electrolytes, it reduces fatigue and helps improve endurance.

Start your day with fat: This one small habit can be a serious game-changer. When you start your day with a tablespoon of ghee, butter or coconut oil, not only does your insulin level stabilise, but your gut or stomach lining gets protected first thing in the morning, and gets ready for efficient absorption of all the nutrients you put into your system, plus it calms digestive issues such as acidity, gas and bloating.