I have a lot of fat accumulation around my tummy. I’ve tried dieting but it has not helped. Recently, a friend of mine suggested that I might be having a wheat belly. Is there something like that?

In my clinical practice I’ve noticed that many people are convinced that whole wheat is good for them. But if you belch, have a bloated feeling, have flatulence and issues with your skin, are lethargic and have stubborn fat around your waist, chances are you have a wheat belly.

A lot of people do have what is called a wheat belly, but are unaware of it.

The only way you can get rid of the fat is by eliminating wheat from your diet.

I have found that modern-day varieties of wheat cause inflammation in the gut. Once you eliminate it from your diet, you will experience relief in almost all digestive issues. That said, please do not start going all out on gluten-free products. Most of them have corn starch, potato starch and other unhealthy flours that will not help you lose that wheat belly.

Instead, I suggest you replace the wheat in your meal plan with rice, potato, sweet potato, quinoa and starchy vegetables.