I have white spots on some of my teeth. What can I do to get rid of them?

White spots on teeth are common in children and adults. Called enamel hypoplasia, they appear due to a loss of the enamel’s mineral content. They may appear yellow and in severe cases, cause definite defects on the enamel surface.

White spots can form on teeth due to poor oral hygiene and drinking a lot of acidic drinks like sodas.

If the spot or defect is only on one tooth, it is probably due to an infection or trauma associated with the preceding milk tooth that has affected the development of the permanent tooth. If the spots are more generalised, then they could be due to systemic disturbances during the development stage. Excessive fluoride intake during growth can cause enamel hypoplasia as well.

Normally, the white spots cause no harm and dentists only advice regular check-ups to ensure that they do not lead to cavities. However, in your case, since they are on your front teeth and are bothering you, there are some treatment options. One technique, called microabrasion, might be followed with some bleaching. In mild cases, this can solve the problem. But in more severe or extensive cases, the dentist may advise you to have a composite resin filling to cover the defect.