I’m a teenager and overweight (66kg), although I’m a vegetarian. I’ve put on nearly 5kg over the past three months. I’m too busy to exercise. How can I lose weight?

Being a vegetarian does not mean you are eating healthy and that you will not put on weight. The one way to accelerate fat loss is to increase the good fats and quality protein in your diet.

If you’re looking to lose weight, give yourself a goal. Cut out sugar and processed junk. Include nuts, avocados, fruits, vegetables, lentils and pulses. I’ve noticed that correctly timing the consumption of carbs can help vegetarians. Try and eat carb-heavy meals around the time you are physically active. Graze on snacks like nuts, berries, almond milk and yogurt when you’re not moving about that much. This trick generally kick-starts the process of fat loss, which will encourage you to keep going.

Working out during a busy schedule can be a real challenge, but once you realise the positive effect it has on you mentally and physically, you will want to keep going. Ideally, set a modest fitness goal to begin with so you feel a sense of achievement when you meet it.

You have to be consistent with all your efforts to get there. But the results on your body and mind will be absolutely worth it.