What can I do about finding a diet that will help me to lose weight and keep it off permanently? I’ve tried all the diets possible over the years and, if anything, I’ve put on weight! Do you have the secret to staying thin?

For most people fad diets don’t work. They may seem to in the short-term, but the reality is most people can’t cope with the denial aspect of these diets and go back to their old eating habits, often putting on more weight than before. This makes them feel like they have failed.

In order to change your shape, you have to change your mind. How you think and behave around food has been formed over many years and the underlying reason for this behaviour has to be dealt with first, if you are going to see long-lasting change.

I feel that you are looking for a get-thin-quick scheme; something that doesn’t exist. Setting yourself unsustainable goals might lead to short-term peaks of ‘success’, but it also leads to troughs of disappointment and you really need to be looking to create a sustainable pathway to permanent lifestyle change.

The word ‘permanent’ is important. Being slim is actually a by-product of a healthy and active lifestyle. Focusing on gaining health as opposed
to losing weight is a far more positive approach and makes attaining your targets more likely.

This means you have to take a holistic approach and honestly evaluate your diet and consider how much exercise you’re doing. Portion control, eating unprocessed nutritious food and building daily exercise into your schedule are all part of the ‘secret’ to your success.