My daughter would like to pursue an undergraduate degree in media and communication. As parents we are concerned about her employment prospects. We would also like to know about further studies that she can pursue overseas.

Media is everywhere. From what we read, to what we watch to what we listen – it influences our lives in many ways.

Universities offering media and communications degrees look for students with critical analysis skills, understanding of current media trends, research abilities and above all, a passion for the industry. Strong communication skills are paramount.

Experience is key in this industry. Make sure your daughter does internships that give her exposure and build up her CV. She should seek out colleges and universities that offer academia-industry linkages, or are consistent ‘feeder’ schools to the industry.

There are a few strict academic requirements. Your daughter should make herself an ideal candidate by demonstrating her passion through extracurricular activities.

In the UK, universities such as LSE, University of Leeds, University of London and King’s College London all offer media degrees. The University of Amsterdam and a large number of German universities offer world-class education as well.

In the US, too, you are spoilt for choice, with institutions such as USC, UC-Berkeley, UT-Austin and University of Wisconsin. Your daughter will have to take the SAT test if applying to any of these US universities. Across the border in Canada both McGill and the University of Western Ontario offer solid programmes as well.

After graduation, she should be able to join a wide variety of jobs – with recent studies showing nearly 80 per cent of students being employed, it is a highly employable degree.