I’ve heard that one shouldn’t use the same brand of toothpaste for an extended period of time as it may not destroy all kinds of bacteria in the mouth. Is this true?

All toothpastes basically contain the same ingredients. It is just a marketing ploy that some toothpastes contain special ingredients that can solve all your dental problems. You need not change your toothpaste unless you are using a whitening toothpaste, as prolonged use of this can damage your teeth.

If you’ve been using a medicated toothpaste for a long time, it would be good to consult a dentist to treat the underlying cause rather than continuing using these toothpastes, as this would only control the symptom but not cure the problem.

Remember that it’s not the toothpaste that is most important – it’s your brushing style that’s critical to maintaining good oral hygiene. Use only a pea-sized amount of toothpaste and brush your teeth at least twice a day.