Two of my front teeth are quite big – in fact, they are bigger than my other teeth. Can they be reshaped to look smaller and less obvious?

Generally, the front two middle teeth are slightly larger and longer that the adjacent teeth, but from your description, it appears they are quite prominent. These teeth may be inherently bigger or the adjacent two teeth could be smaller in size than normal, giving the illusion that the front two teeth are larger. Unfortunately, it is difficult to prescribe an exact treatment for you unless your teeth are examined.

However, cosmetic dentistry can fix your problem and give you the perfect smile. The treatment can range from minor reshaping of your large teeth to building up of the adjacent small teeth using composites or having porcelain veneers done to achieve a beautiful smile.

It’s best that you consult a dentist who is experienced in cosmetic procedures. He or she should be able to advise the correct treatment.