How can I do a gut cleanse without going on a juice and fruit diet?

You really do not need to go on a juice and fruit diet to cleanse your gut. In fact, in some situations it might worsen the situation.

Fruit has natural sugar but it enters your blood stream as sugar. Plus if you eat too much of fruit, the bad bacteria in your gut can actually feed off this sugar and multiply creating some gut problems.

Fruit is good in moderate amounts but like most things in life, too much can be harmful in many ways.

Here is how you can go about taking care of your gut on a daily basis without going on a crazy cleanse.

1 Have a tablespoon of organic ghee first thing every morning on waking up, even before you have your morning tea or coffee. The good fats in ghee heal your stomach lining and prepare it for absorption of nutrients through the day.

2 Add glutamine to your diet. If you have a very inflamed gut (skin issues, digestive disturbances and stubborn fat), you will need a dosage of 5 grams daily for the first two weeks after which you can reduce the dosage to 2 grams daily.

However, before you begin this regime, please consult your doctor.

3 Have a glass of green vegetable juice going heavy on the ginger and lemon.

4 Add a pinch of turmeric to your lunch and dinner food for an anti-inflammatory effect and to clean your gut.