I am a grade 12 student and have chosen science stream (biology and maths). I am however more interested in biology. Please suggest courses that are biology based. Is forensic science a good course?

Biology, the study of the organic world, is a fascinating field that is constantly evolving, pun intended. Although most people study it to pursue a future career in medicine or engineering, Biology can open up many other avenues as well.

Since it is one of the fundamental sciences, along with chemistry and physics, studying biology allows for careers in a variety of science and health related fields. It should be noted that for nearly all the careers listed below, it is advisable to get a Master’s in that speciality. Additionally, nearly every specialisation of Biology also has an equivalent research role if you are inclined to go that route.

The most direct application of Biology would be a Biologist, in which you study and research the organic world. This role entails a lot of research and can be very exciting for those who want to literally transform their major into a career.

Looking towards the oceans, careers in Marine Mammal Science are available. Here you will specialise in the behaviours of marine mammals. Such a specialisation can lead to careers in research as well as working for animal parks as the in-house animal expert. Similarly, there are other Zoology-oriented careers you can pursue if you wish to interact with animals – from working in zoos to specialising in Zoology and doing research for organisations. You may also pursue a career in Animal Behaviour, enabling you to become an animal therapist.

You can become a Botanist and base your career around plants. This research-heavy role can enable you to work for pharmaceutical companies in finding new cures for diseases from plants, as well as being a curator and keeper for national parks and famed gardens.

Molecular biology too has many exciting aspects. Genetic counselling, for instance, wherein you advise clients on 
how their genetics affect their lives is rapidly evolving.

More and more people are looking to understand what their genetics predict for future diseases and you will be able to help them with that.

Forensic science is a rigorous science that is growing more and more important in solving crimes across the world. A good understanding of molecular biology will open doors for you in this field.

Sustainability is an extremely exciting and rapidly growing field, and knowing biology is useful to those in this industry.

Lastly, should you wish, you can give back your education by becoming a lecturer or a professor in biology.