I’m 28, recently married, and have just moved to the UAE. Both my husband and I are working and we hope to start a family soon. When is the right time to start financial planning for our future?

Welcome to the UAE. What a perfect time for you both to start planning for the future and your protection and savings needs.

Living away from your home country can mean that you are more emotionally and financially dependent on each other, so it’s vital to be secure in these aspects, both now and in the future. The burden of financial worry can be relieved by investing in life and critical illness cover, along with regular savings plans.

We may think that we will never contract a critical illness, but sadly this is not always the case. Insurance rates are very affordable in your 20s and 30s and good value for money. The best time to buy life and critical illness cover is when you are young – the longer you postpone this the more expensive it gets.

Regular savings plans will ensure you have sufficient funds for your future. You may wish to save for a deposit on a house, educational costs or retirement. As you have not started your family yet, this is a great time for you and your husband to start saving as you are both earning and potentially have more disposable income.

The earlier you start to save, the more options you have in the future if you start a family or need to take a break from savings/policy payments.