What is good fat and how much is too much? Will I gain weight if I overeat good fat?

One of the biggest nutrition lies known to us is that consuming fat makes us fat. What is important is the quality of fat.

When you eat the right kind of fat from nuts, seeds, avocado, nut butters, ghee, coconut oil, butter, and coconut chunks, among others, you are doing two important things for your body. First, you are helping your gut become healthier.

When your gut is not inflamed and irritated, you will sleep better, think better, your hormones will be well-regulated and carb cravings come under control.

The second thing that happens is the positive effect on your blood sugar and insulin levels. Good fats have an insulin-stabilising effect. So your cells get more sensitive to insulin.

These two major changes will have a dramatic effect on your appetite. When you eat enough good fats, as a result of all the positive effects on your body, you will not be able to overeat or will become more mindful when you are about to overeat.

Eating more good fats always trumps eating more carbs from sources such as fresh fruit juices, processed whole wheat breads and pasta, low-fat sugar-loaded yoghurts. You can aim to eat up to 40 per cent of your calories from good fats all through the day.