William Shakespeare wrote "Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt." A succinct line from The Bard’s lesser known play Measure for Measure, it, I feel, aptly describes the corrosive impact of self-doubt on our ability to honestly explore our potential and eventually set ourselves on the path of self-growth.

I know corrosive is a strong adjective, but I truly believe that most often even a small dose of self-doubt is enough to make our confidence brittle. It limits our thoughts and stops us from taking those baby steps towards realising our dreams. Allow this gnawing sense of apprehension to fester and it will leave you with deep wounds of regrets, I feel. Wounds that no placation from those around you can heal. You alone can treat it.

And that is exactly what Soniya Mehra did (read the exclusive interview with her). And that is what makes this woman special. After dabbling in acting, the daughter of one of Bollywood’s well-known actors from 1980s, Vinod Mehra, Soniya realised that she wanted more from life than a career in front of the camera.

Not one to be dissatisfied, Soniya found her calling in the wellness industry. The transition however was not easy. Soniya talks of facing many pitfalls through her professional and personal journey and gives credit to her family and loved ones for being her pillars of strength and for yoga for showing her the light in her dark times.

To me that is what makes her a winner... her ability to find answers within...

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