Buried in this edition of Friday Lite is a short article on low-grade depression. Google the term and you’ll come to know that Michelle Obama has admitted to suffering from it. In a recent interview, America’s former first lady says, in her case it is due to a combination of several external reasons, quarantine being one of them.

World Health Organisation too in its observations has said that Covid-19 has had an adverse impact on the mental health of millions of people, with most of them suffering from persistent stress and anxiety, all thanks to isolation, uncertainty and helplessness.

While I understand it is practically impossible for any of us to define how the current situation plays out and what the future holds for us, I feel the only way we can salvage it for our as well as our family’s mental well-being is by staying focused on being positive.

Easier said than done, some of you might say, but I truly believe happiness is more of work in progress than state of mind. The same article has a piece of advice: “Happiness can often be found by doing more of what makes us happy.” This might sound extremely simplistic and clichéd but there is a lot of truth in it. Identifying that source of joy and then finding ways to incorporate it in our daily lives in a productive manner, is the key that’ll unlock the doors to happiness.

What is tough is the first step – acknowledging the fact that there is a chink in our armour, or, as experts explain, accepting that we are not as mentally strong as we’d like to believe we are.

I guess once we address this elephant in the room, we would not only equip ourselves with tools to deal with the issues at hand, but be able to leading a more fulfilling life.

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