Anxiety can be all consuming and if the cause of it is the safety of our children, then it compounds manifold, to say the least. Dr Nita Salam and Priya Firoz underwent the same traumatic phase when their sons, who were studying abroad, were unable to return to the UAE when coronavirus led to travel restrictions earlier this year. The two mothers spent many sleepless nights pursuing authorities, eventually finding a happy ending to their problem. But that’s not what this note is about. It’s about what these women did after. They set up a social media group and used their experience to help out 300 parents who were scrambling about just like they had been.

Stories like this one are what I call CPR to the spirit. Just when you feel weighed down by cynicism, begin to lose faith in humanity, no-strings-attached efforts put in by people such as those mentioned in the article resuscitate that wilted soul.

What I admire even more is the fact that all of them just used their ingenuity to make a difference. All four efforts have proven that quite often you don’t have to rely on the dirhams in your pocket to help out those in need but your sheer dedication, positivity and can-do attitude is enough to work wonders.

The sense of community these initiatives have helped build, turn them from a cause to a purpose. Each one of them creating a domino effect of goodness as they started off as one person’s right intention and went on to gain enough momentum to capture the hearts and minds of hundreds. In the process, these people not only did all they could to heal those adversely hit by Covid-19 and destiny, but repaired broken spirits too.

PS: A big thumbs up to all of you who sent us a joke. I’ve not giggled so much in a long time.

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