Dhananjay Datar, managing director of Al Adil Trading, came to the UAE with his father decades back to see through the beginnings of Al Adil, and now as a resident of the UAE for the past 36 years, celebrates Eid enthusiastically. He does that with the biryani and sheer khorma made by his wife, but equally with another tradition, one that he says keeps him grounded. "Every Eid, I make it a priority to spend time with my employees. I talk to them about their families, how life was back at home, what they miss the most when they came to Dubai. These conversations give me an appreciation of how long I have stayed in this country and how my experiences are so similar to theirs."

Every Eid, Datar says the top-selling items at his stores are seviya (vermicelli) – used to make kheer – along with condensed milk and spices such as cardamom and cloves. He says Al Adil ensures the "best quality through ensuring our supply chain is robust and adheres to strict restrictions".

As for himself, as the pandemic continues this year he’s planned a more virtual celebration – "with my family at home, talking to my Muslim friends through video conferencing, phone calls, texts, emails, letters etc., but also sending gifts like sweets and chocolates to my friends and extended family."

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