Where are you and since how long have you been indoors?

I am at my residence in Delhi. I stepped out only once during the past one month when I had to take Chum Chum, our very cute pet dog to a vet, as she was not feeling well.

How are you and family spending the time during the lockdown?

In the beginning, for a few days, one felt a little uneasy figuring out what to do and how to manage things. But a week into it, everything fell into place for all of us – my wife Romy, daughter Amiya and myself. I believe, once you make up your mind, it all becomes easy. The need of the hour is to stay at home and be safe. One has to do it. The human mind is so strong that it starts adjusting and incorporating any new things that happen in life. Earlier, I did not give much time to family, but now am enjoying spending time with them.

What are the biggest challenges you are facing?

There are no major challenges as such because I have reconciled to the situation. Accordingly, I have changed my schedules and outlook towards life. I have not been going to the office and am handling whatever I can from home. But yes, I am worried, or rather concerned about the well-being of the staff that work with me and how they are looking after themselves and family. I have to ensure they receive their salaries on time and all of them are fine.

What do you miss the most these days?

I miss playing golf. Also, not being able to go to the office.

What will be your priorities once this scare of Covid-19 is over?

I shall try to make life as simple as possible. I would love to go back to the office and start working like before.

Kapil Dev, with wife Romy and daughter Amiya, says the lockdown was initially uneasy for the family of three. "But a week into it, everything fell into place for all of us"

Have you discovered some new aspects of your personality during this lockdown period?

I have realised that sometimes it is good to spend time with oneself. I am doing that and loving it.

Any hidden talent you noticed in your daughter?

Kids these days are much into technology and can do well for themselves. They are quite sorted.

Is there anything new you have started doing and wish to continue even after the lockdown period is over?

I have not exercised so much in the last 15-20 years and have now been doing so regularly to help strengthen the body muscles. Also, I am delving into gardening and watering the plants. I never did this before. It feels good to see the new plants grow.

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What are you and your family doing to manage the anxiety that is stemming from the pandemic?

Right in the beginning, we made up our minds that this is how it is going to be. So, there is no anxiety. We are quite relaxed. But I do imagine the situation of others. While in some large houses there are just two people, who wonder what to do with their lives, whereas in some small dwellings, how a dozen people would be adjusting. I also find that to kill time, a lot of my friends are cleaning their homes and trying their hand at cooking.

Have you indulged in cooking?

No, I have not. But if the need arises, I will not mind. I am not fussy about such things. 

What will be your favourite memory from this experience?

The fresh air that I get when I sit on the lawn. Since we shifted to Delhi about 40 years ago, I never found the time to see a clear sky and birds flying around. I am enjoying nature, as never before.

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