Kris Fade, star of his own show on 104.4 Virgin Radio, Dubai, is enjoying more quality time with his children but misses the human interaction with his fans terribly.

How has this alternative reality affected your work?

I have the luxury of still being able to go to work since we are part of the vital sector. As a media representative, we get to work from our studios, which are basically sanitised after every single show. Our offices are closed and only one presenter at a time is allowed. I am enjoying being able to go to work two to three hours every morning.

Is staying at home all that it’s cracked up to be?

Of course it’s not. People want to stay at home for a little bit but after a while the novelty does wear off. But I’m enjoying doing things I have not done in a long time and making such a connection with my girls. Helping them do their homework more, doing more cooking. I’m even doing gardening, which I haven’t done in years. So I think you got to look at the positive in everything.

What is the response from your listeners?

We are getting messages every single day and calls saying thank you so much for just putting on a show. It’s really a bit of escape for people and we want to spread that positivity and love that we are famous for. 

How are you and your family spending time? Favourite activities?

We are playing board games and we are doing lots of arts and crafts. We are cooking at least two meals a day together and it is so much fun. Again, these are activities I will usually not have time to do around the house.

How’s the online learning with kids going? Is there a struggle for time and space?

It’s not easy, I will be honest with you, but we are getting there. Every day is a bit of a struggle, but every day we are learning a little bit more which is important. I would like to say ‘well done’ to the teachers in the schools because it’s something that they have had to implement very quickly.

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What are you and your family doing to manage the anxiety that is stemming from the pandemic?

We are very open and honest. I always ask the kids if there are any questions they’ve got that they need to ask me about this situation. We are pretty real and upfront: everybody is staying at home and we’ve got to stay at home. That’s really what it is.

What are some of the things you miss the most from your pre-Covid-19 life?

Meeting a lot of my fans. I love going to the malls, saying hello to people, giving them a high five, taking photos and selfies... human-to-human interaction, that’s the biggest thing that I do miss.

What will be the first thing you’d like to do once this is over?

I’m going to go straight to a mall and say ‘hi’ to people. Then, just get outside, go to the beaches and do the things we have taken for granted for so many years.

What have you learnt about yourself during this trying time?

I have learnt to give myself more time. I think it’s a bit of a wake-up call to a lot of us. A lot of us worked 24/7. Now, just having that extra time to be on your own, to do the gardening, to spend more time with the kids, I think that is important. It is something I have picked up. And even after Covid19 I’m going to make sure that I will do that, I will look after myself a little bit more.

What will be your favourite memory from this experience?

I feel like we’re in a bit of vacation sometimes spending all these times together because usually it’s only on a holiday you get to spend this much time with the kids.

One lesson you think the world should remember from this experience.

Just don’t take things for granted. The things we want the most in life are sometimes the most basic things. I want people to remember and just think to themselves when they can’t do things. Imagine losing your ability to taste? Or you couldn’t smell again? So take that away from someone and then reintroduce it. And look how they’ll be smelling things and tasting things again. They’ll be so appreciative. And that’s exactly how we are going to be once we’re out and about and don’t have to stay home.

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