How other personalities, celebrities are coping with the pandemic


Former Bollywood star Shatrughan Sinha is known as one of the first villains in Hindi cinema who used to get a round of applause when he makes his presence on screen. His popularity among the masses led him to getting lead roles and he soon carved a niche out for himself in the world of acting. Having worked in over 200 Bollywood movies, Sinha shifted from the world of glamour to the corridors of power by joining politics. Known for his oratory skills and forthright views, he tells Friday about how he is dealing with the changed scenario.

Where are you staying right now?

I am at my residence ‘Ramayana’ in Mumbai, Maharashtra, with my family – wife Poonam, twin sons Luv and Kush, daughter-in-law Taruna (Kush’s wife) and daughter Sonakshi. Like any sensible person, who realises the gravity of the situation, I have not stepped out of the house since about 45 days.

How is your family spending the time during the lockdown?

Together, we are making the best of the time and situation. Now, no one can complain and say, ‘I do not have the time for this or that!’ While the children regularly work out in the gym at home, I prefer doing yoga and meditation. We watch movies, web series and plays. I also read books and listen to audios and watch videos of spiritual masters. In the evening, we usually spend time together on the terrace along with our pets Bronzie (German Shepherd) and Gabru (Dachshund). The children love photography and get busy capturing images of the moon and the birds.

What are the biggest challenges you are facing during this time?

Personally, the challenges are many. But I feel everything can wait. The biggest challenge, at present, is to fight and cope with the coronavirus pandemic. The mission is to cooperate with the government and the health ministry’s guidelines. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s guidance and indomitable spirit are contagious and his energy is flowing towards all of us. It is our duty to practice and preach his advice.

How difficult has it been to adjust to this new reality?

It’s a state of mind. Now that we are faced with a scary situation, there’s no choice but to deal with it. Being a positive person by nature, I feel it’s my responsibility to adjust to the new reality ungrudgingly. And I am doing so with maturity, understanding and humour.

What do you miss the most these days?

Travelling, going out, meeting people and the luxuries of life. But as they say, there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

What will be your priorities once this scare of Covid-19 is over?

Life has been a turmoil, so, the approach necessitates that we remain upbeat. In whatever way I can, I shall contribute to the good of society. It won’t be to just preach others but to also do some constructive activities that help the nation.

Shatrughan Sinha, along with wife Poonam, twin sons Luv and Kush, Kush's wife Taruna and daughter Sona, spend evenings together and also hold discussions about the dos and don’ts of the virus

Have you discovered some new aspects of your personality during this lockdown period?

Being a person who used to travel a lot — almost every second day — this is the first time in life I see myself grounded! I never knew I had the power to stay put in one place. But during this home confinement phase, I have discovered the attribute of patience that I thought was lacking in me. I am now a content person and so much at peace with myself.

Any hidden talent you noticed in any family member?

While the children too are discovering themselves every day, we all realised that Taruna has some excellent culinary skills. By preparing varieties of chutneys and desserts, she has surprised us all, including our house chef. She is also a nice painter like Sonakshi and we can now have an in-house talent competition between the two. I have advised them to hold an exhibition at the Jahangir Art Gallery when things return to normal.

What are you and your family doing to manage the anxiety that is stemming from the pandemic?

Thankfully, none of us have fear psychosis. There is alertness and wisdom about the whole issue. Whenever we sit together, the discussions that take place have only made us more aware of the dos and don’ts of the virus.

What will be your favourite memory from this experience?

The bond with the family that has strengthened with each passing day and the discipline that is the offshoot of this lock-up or lockdown.