Share opinions

I like to eat together with the family as you can share all your thoughts and the incidents that happened to you, and share your taste with each other. Talk about new ideas and plans, share opinions, etc. Abdul Rehman

Savour to the full

Being shy by nature, I enjoy eating alone so that I can savour the food and also eat well and peacefully. I have noticed that when I eat with others, most of the time we talk and I can neither savour the food nor eat properly. Also, I feel more peaceful and relaxed while eating alone. Neha Shah

Every morsel counts

Being a foodie I enjoy eating alone at times so that I can enjoy every bite of my food immensely and take my own time to finish my meal and be content and satisfied. Pramitha Dsouza

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Food matters

I’m an absolute foodie. Given a choice I’d prefer having a meal in company. However, I’m OK to savour a great meal by myself too. What really matters is delicious, lip-smacking fare to gobble down.  Sheeba Jojo


No, I think that I need some gossip while eating because I’m very sociable. I enjoy eating with friends who are like-minded and do not talk about girly things like mermaids and unicorns. Anya Kaushik

Relish every bite

I always prefer eating alone because I can enjoy every food item completely. It is important that the food that we consume be done heartily. Bhoomika Dutta

Free time

I like eating alone so I can catch up on TV shows or just have some free thinking time. Disha Baldawa

Food reviews

No, I always enjoy eating with my friends or family. Probably it’s because I am a food lover and while dining I can share thoughts with my dear ones. Salim Jermias

Calm time

Yes, I love eating alone. Being the youngest in my house (I’m 11) everyone constantly makes me run errands for them. But during lunch time, I can eat alone in my bed watching Netflix with no disturbance. And I take my sweet time savouring my meal. Aysha Akhter

No to loneliness

I enjoy eating alone in my space at home, watching Netflix. However, when I dine out, being alone is the worst experience. It makes me feel lonely. I enjoy company, especially my family’s presence when I dine out. Talking about small things in life and enjoying different cuisines with a bunch of happy people is the best feeling. Jaria Joy


There are times when I wish to sit alone and eat and there are times I wish to sit and eat with family. Dinner with family is a must because that is the only time in a day we get to spent together. However, during lunch I eat alone and that is the time I rewind – all the previous days’ happenings come rushing back, I remind myself of things I have to do etc. I consider it as my time and I enjoy those moments. Sunanda Mohan