If you believe in the minimalists, you’d know that the future is here. Let me explain. Many years ago, when the movement took off, its protagonists prophesied that a time will come when people will not be defined by the things they have but the kind of person they are. Stripped of their cluttered façade, people will find anchor in their values and relationships. A time when success, stuff and soul will not be bound to each other. If that time has been knocking at our door for long, I’d say it has now made itself comfortable in our space.

Thanks to Covid-related cabin fever, many of us have found the strength and the fortitude to break the shackles of desire and want, and have found peace and happiness in simplicity. Scaling down to rise high is the new mantra.

Holly Aldhebaiei epitomises that thought and lifestyle (read more about her). While many of us find comfort in clutter, Holly has shed it to embrace what matters most – nurturing a loving family and living a sustainable life. 

Someone just forwarded me a stunning opinion piece written by Prakash Iyer, a well-known corporate guru, career coach and consultant. And I borrow a line from there. In the article he says, “’Build to Last’ might’ve have been a popular mantra, but ‘Build to Adapt’ could be the way to go.” This one line should not just inspire us to reset our life goals but it compels us to shed the excess baggage of expectation.

And to be able to create a legacy that hinges on change, we need to be like Holly – or aspire to be like her. Remove our focus from accumulating stuff but accumulating experiences. Or else, as Prakash Iyer warns in his article, we will be waylaid by our own future.

Let me know your thoughts.

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