The one thing we can be sure of is that the rules about what we can and cannot do will keep changing, and will continue to keep changing. It’s imperative for your mental wellbeing, therefore, to know which qualities are most strongly associated with the ability to cope well with change. You can then capitalise on the ones you possess, and work on those you feel need strengthening.

One area that shares some similarities with the current situation is organisational change – when your job and/or the company you work for is reconfigured. Research findings suggest you can improve your ability to cope with the changes you’ll face. Here are tips:

Journal it: Set aside five minutes each evening. Write down three things you did well that day, however small; three things you’re grateful for; and one behaviour you’ll try the next day that will take you just beyond your comfort zone. This will boost self-efficacy, conscientiousness, optimism/wellbeing, and openness to new experiences.

Listen well: When someone wants to tell you something or asks your opinion, put down other activities and listen fully. This will develop empathy and boost agreeableness.

Put judging on pause: Take 10 minutes a day and simply breathe slowly and evenly through your nose while observing your surroundings carefully and without passing judgment. Neuroticism/anxiety will decrease.


Ensure continuity: Spend at least 10 minutes a day pursuing an activity you discovered and enjoyed during lockdown – for example learning a language, or growing herbs. This will provide continuity and help you feel safer and more in control.

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