While she was first known for being a joint heiress to the $2.9 billion (Dh10.6 billion) Formula One fortune, with her sister Petra Stunt, over the years Tamara Ecclestone has become a businesswoman in her own right with a line of hair and skin products. We caught up with the 32-year-old on her recent trip to the UAE, as she juggled between managing her business, Show Beauty, and looking after her daughter Sophia, 2. The daughter of F1 CEO Bernie Ecclestone was in Dubai to check on her hair product range and her most recent business venture, a pop-up blow-dry bar (it ran until eariler this month at The Four Seasons DIFC). She talks celebrity security, shopping for her daughter, and why she doesn’t recommend washing your hair too often.

Why did you choose Dubai to test-run your blow-dry bar?

I have a chain of blow-dry bars in London, which are a huge success so far, so I wanted to try it out here. The ladies here are so glamorous and love to get their hair done so I thought it would be a perfect fit. Also, since I already have my products on sale here in the UAE and they are doing really well, it made sense to open the blow-dry bar as well. Now we are hoping to open more blow-dry bars later in the year.

Can we expect to see more of you in the UAE now you have your products here?

Definitely. I love to come here on holiday and with my products being stocked here in Harvey Nichols, I’m over regularly for that. I’m hoping to see my blow-dry bars progress as well as they have already expanded in London.

What are your top tips to always having amazing-looking hair?

Don’t wash it too often! Use great hair products. I always feel like my hair looks the best a few days after it’s been washed, and I can freshen it up with dry shampoo.

What’s the one hair product you can’t live without?

Show Beauty dry shampoo.

What do you ask for when you go for a blow dry?

I ask for waves but not overdone curls. I like my hair to look glamorous but not too over-the-top. I do think there is a fine line between looking good and looking like you’ve tried too hard, so again, I usually prefer the way it looks a few days after my blow dry.

Where do you go for your hair and beauty treatments when you’re in Dubai?

When I’m in Dubai I actually don’t tend to do too much as I’m usually here on holiday, trying to relax, or for work. However, I did go to The Dollhouse with my sister, Petra. My sister had an amazing chrome effect on her nails, but I opted for something more classic.

Are there any online sites you love to look for beauty inspiration?

I love shopping online. I get a lot of beauty products on Net-a-Porter. I also get a lot of ideas and inspiration from Instagram.

What do you love to do if you have spare time while you’re here in Dubai?

I like to go to the beach and take my daughter to the water park. She also loves going to the aquarium in The Dubai Mall. There’s so much to do for kids here, so I love to bring her.

Is it a different experience coming now with your daughter than before you had her?

It’s completely different. I used to go partying and now I go to The Cheesecake Factory!

Who is your style icon?

Classic timeless women are my inspiration. If I had to choose I would pick Brigitte Bardot and Sophia Loren.

How would you describe your style?

I’m either super casual or very glamorous. On a day-to-day basis I’m running around in flats after my daughter, but when I do get dressed up I like to feel the opposite of that and go super-glam.

How do yours and your sister Petra’s styles differ?

Myself and Petra are so close in personality but in style we are so different. She’s so much more experimental than me, and in comparison I’m more conservative and safe.

Did you share clothes when you were growing up?

Not too much, as our styles and tastes are and were so different, but whenever I’m getting ready, I always send Petra a picture of what I’m wearing to get her opinion. She’s always so honest with me about what I wear so I know I’m getting real feedback. Only your family can be that honest with you!

Your daughter Sophia always looks absolutely gorgeous – how do you go about finding clothes for her to wear?

I shop online a lot for her and I visit department stores to get outfits for her when I’m in London. I love Harrods and Selfridges because they have everything under one roof. In reality, though, Sophia would prefer I got all of her clothes from The Disney Store! She wants to be a Disney princess.

Which brands do you love to dress her in?

Apart from Disney, I love Kenzo and Zara Kids but I feel like everything small is cute, so I really don’t mind where I shop.

How do you think you have changed since becoming a mum?

I’ve changed completely. I feel so happy and content, and not bothered by any drama. Nothing else matters except her and I feel like I used to get hung up on things that didn’t really matter before she was born. Everything in the past led me to be where I am now, so I don’t regret anything, but I feel happier than ever. Being a mum is harder and better than 
I ever thought it would be.

Would you like to have a brother or sister for Sophia in the future?

I’m 50/50. I would, because I am so close to my sister and I would love Sophia to have that with a sibling of her own, but at the same time I’m happy with it being just the three of us [she is married to businessman Jay Rutland], so what will be will be.

There’s been a lot of security issues around celebrities this year, including in your own family – how do you make sure you and your daughter always feel safe?

We always have security wherever we are, even when we’re at home. It’s not so much about me but I would never want to compromise Sophia’s safety. There seem to have been so many breaches of security recently. I don’t want to take any chances and that will continue as she gets older as well.

What are your plans for 2017?

I am launching a range of hair and skin products for kids. I have tried everything since Sophia was born so I think I have created a range that really works and is good for children. It will be under a different brand and will be launching in the UAE later this year. I’ll also be expanding Show within the UAE and hope to bring some more salons here later in the year.

Show Beauty hair products are available at Harvey Nichols Dubai and leading beauty retailers across the UAE