It’s Day 30 of this stay-at-home routine and I feel I need to extend this principle of social distancing to the mirror as well. The last time I passed by it, I spotted bushes for eyebrows. If this goes on any longer, I might need hairclips to keep them away from my eyes, I told my husband. He just laughed, like how he laughs at everything else I say. 

I am neither trying to trivialise matters nor wanting to be flippant about the gravity of the issue at hand, and definitely not exposing my supercilious vanity, but trying to highlight the fact that events such as these bring to focus what is most important to most of us – relationships and simple pleasures (in my case the idle chat with the lady in the salon is one of them). Nothing else matters.

As I, like many of you, take a pause and reflect on the journey that life has been until now, recalibrating my priorities and pondering over where I wish to go from here, I begin to rue what I have missed out on, what I need to catch up with and, most importantly, what I need to accomplish from my bucket list.

Not anymore.

The darkness of fear and grief that surrounds us these days also teaches us to appreciate what we have – the love of those who are dear, the opportunities we are given and the possibilities that await us.

I choose the positivity that stems from gratitude over the negativity of regret, and pray you too mine your life for strength and fortitude to overcome this phase.

Also, I am hoping to add one more thing to the list of stuff I need to extend social distancing to – the bag of chips. How do you break up with a bag of chips?

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