Concentrate on quality over quantity

It’s easy to participate in many projects superficially, but you’ll gain more personal fulfilment and a stronger CV by excelling in a few activities of interest.

Gain work experience

The only way to know whether you’ll enjoy working within a particular field is to experience it. Apply for internship programmes. This will allow you to narrow down what you enjoy doing and understand the skills required for various roles and to network.

Demonstrate good results

Emphasise target achievements on your CV. For example, before explaining the skills you gained at a job, start with a statement about how you increased revenue, boosted site traffic or recruited clients. Employers look for workers who give results.


Stay in contact with supervisors from school, university, and external placements. Build strong relationships with your mentors and industry professionals who can vouch for your skills and make recommendations in your favour.

Identify your heroes

Read about successful people within your chosen industry. Read about their education, accreditations, and career progression. Write them a letter or an email expressing your admiration and seeking advice. Understand how they have achieved success, and analyse your own career to see whether your paths align and that you are where you need to be.

Learn to judge situations

Know when to joke and when it’s time to be serious. Learn how to be an active listener, modulate your tone of voice to match a conversation, and be culturally sensitive.

Learn personal branding

Write down how you want to be perceived by teachers, employers, and colleagues, and compare these attributes with the ones they associate with you now.