I never judge a book by its cover. I judge a person by observing his/her behaviour from close quarters. – Zoha Jinos

Don’t judge

Why judge? Let’s be open to experience people by accepting them without any preconceptions. – Gunjan Gangwani


I’d judge a person by their language and how they speak. A person who speaks well and without using bad language will be a good person. – Maurya Vaidya


I judge people by their attitude and behaviour towards others and themselves. – Aadya Aghosh

People are kind

Don’t judge anyone. All humans have the ability to be kind and compassionate and always, always, give people the benefit of doubt. – Anjali Iyer Bhutra


I would a judge a person by their personality. Personality and it’s traits make an individual unique. – Nandini Harish

Spend time

Instead of making prejudicial perceptions of a person by their outward appearance, I’d talk and spend time with the person because ‘Time’ is the greatest teacher of Life. – Fathima Faizal

Respect them

I believe people have a reason for what they say and how they behave, even if that is in contradiction to my expectation. I respect that. – Sheeba Jojo


The moment I hear someone forget a please or thank you, subconsciously my respect for them goes down quite a bit. – Selma Alturki


The way a person talks is the best way to judge their family background, education and attitude. – Muhammad Iqbal


We can judge a person by their behaviour and habits in any circumstance. – Sharifa Chitalwala

Know them

I would actually never judge a person without getting to know them first. – Anahita Firdaus Daruwala


Three key ways to judge a person – instinct, body language and putting oneself in the other person’s shoes. – Amit L

A person’s reading

From what he reads and what he eats. – Aditi Arun


I judge a person by the way they put forward their views and opinions. – Shikha Dixit

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